Xenoblade Chronicles X countdown. The RPG that places Nintendo back on top in the industry


Well just like 2 months and something days before release (December 4, 2015) IMO they are being very generous with this localization.
I think this is going to be the RPG that turns the tide in Nintendo’s favor. It only takes one absolute must play game to make it worth getting a console for. :slight_smile:



More like: Countdown until nintendo releases a really small number of them, not understanding the wiiU doesn’t have games and creates a boom time for ebay scalpers.


Nintendo hired affinity?


No one cares about rpgs anymore breh get with the times


Yeah fuck rp-//-


No… stop. What are you doing


I hear it’s bad though


You just make the rounds, don’t you?


I’m still gonna get it and find out for myself , but if recall the game got shitty reviews in Japan.
I even got the special edition.
I’m withholding my judgement until I play it.


Only negative I’ve seen is people don’t like the less emphasis on story, and that “cutscenes interfere” or some shit. Nothing major


Read thread title yep its affinity

Why don’t you go be a community manager for something?



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What? that’s such a chore. I rather just share my opinions and hype about things others might find of interest.
Haters need not apply, of course. Gamers speak their minds.


Goddamn XENOBOYZ Holy shit what a fucking collection


Wow that is insane!! Nice collection man. As a fellow fan of the series I have to ask, what do you think the other games in the series would have played out like?

As I’m sure you know xeno was supposed to be a 6 part epic that got cut short from lack of sales. To me I always envisioned the first 3 saga games as is, maybe a little more fleshed out to tie in with gears. The fourth should have been amazing, portraying the war between Solaris and shevat. 5 would have been xenogears current gem remake and 6 I have no idea.

Just wanted to pick your brain and see your thoughts on the subject.


That collection is p cray


You know since this is the “xeno thread” i also have a quick question. So on 2 or 3 occasions I’ve tried Xenosaga, first time idk what happened, 2nd time just stopped playing/got sidetracked, and i didnt wanna continue because i didnt have all the 3 games, if there was a 3rd time i dont remember.

But my question is, should i revisit and finish the saga trilogy first, or go with xenogears first? I’ve only beaten Xenoblade and damn was that shit good. But I’m more inclined to go with Xenosaga first since that’s a childhood series i never finished and it’s one of the many “games from childhood i never finished” burdens I’m trying to relieve myself of lol


There are some nice Easter eggs in saga That you won’t appreciate unless you finish gears first.

That said, going through saga know that you are in it for the experience, the world and the lore. The first game drags with TONS of cut scenes but it sets up the universe nicely. The combat is simple but fun and has some great special animations. Jr’s special where he tosses a handful of coins up and then reflects his shots off of them is one of my favorites in all of gaming.

2 is decent and has some really dark moments but they changed the battle system and it just seems too tedious with the different hit levels.

3 is a return to form bringing the best parts of the first two games to the forefront. Combat is fun again and it’s not as cut scene heavy as the first game. You can feel that it was rushed and some things just felt out of place because they had to tie up loose plot threads.

Overall I’d say my ranking goes



Ah thanks for the insight, I heard the fanbase doesn’t like 2 as much, but they said a plus to that is that the game is very short by jrpg standards. But eh guess I’ll go to saga first


I’m excited


Lol chill man, I opened that link at work and got scared


Well I wasn’t really expecting amazing storytelling from this game even after coming from Xenoblade chronicles, so as long as everything else is great i’ll be fine with it.