XenTrader Now Installed!

Feedback addon has been added. Hope this will help improve the quality of sales in here!

Awesome!! good work wiz, like always ^ ^

very cool =)

Let the race to +100 begin! :smiley:


much needed addon, thx you!

Quick question, how does one use XenTrader as both a buyer and seller? For now I don’t meet the qualifications for selling but I’ve bought many items in the past month or two and would like to leave feed back.

Glad to see feedback return. I’ve had a ton of positive transactions for about the last 2-3 years…sigh* time to hound some members from some not too old transactions.


Finally I can leave negative feedback on the guy that shafted me in a trade a while back. How exactly do we go about leaving feedback?

Left some feedback on previous transactions and to check out the feature. Is it possible for the feedback recipient to post a public response like ebay’s system?

This is great. Really needed this. Thanks Wiz!

Is there a way to grandfather in the WOS members in the sticky thread here into the XenTrader WOS?

If the thread used doesnt show, what should we do?

I’d like to know this as well.

i clicked random posts that said please close… I hope im not in trouble.

Seconded. There isn’t really anything telling us how to do this. A few simple instructions would be appreciated.

So I found out how to do itnand I’ll share.

Go to the person’s profile page after the transaction has been completed and you have received the item.
In the upper right of their profile you find three links: ignore, follow, leave feedback.
Click “leave feedback” and it’ll take a moment to load but you’ll be brought to the XenTrader page for that specific person you clicked on.

You’ll see that this is almost like leaving feedback on Ebay.

-Under “Your Role”, this is self explanitory. You are either the seller, the buyer, or trader (meaning you entered in a trade agreement with someone where only merchandise was exchanged, no money)
-Under “Thread”, find the thread which was posted by you (if you were the seller) or posted by someone else (if you were the buyer).
-You can select one of three options under “Rating this transaction”: Positive, Neutral, Negative.
-Under the “Tell us More” section, you have up to 80 characters to leave a note. For example: “item was as described”, “shipping was super fast”, “excellent buyer”, “guy’s a dick and stole my money”, etc.

After all is said and done, click “Leave Feedback” and you’re finished. A number in parenthesis will show up next to the users name in which you can click on and it’ll go to their XenTrader feedback.

Hope this helps.

yea thats the easy part but several times i couldnt find the thread the transaction was done in. :frowning:

one thing I noticed was that, in order to leave or received Feedback, the person who buys/ or you buy from has to actually sent you a PM thru your selling thread and not sent you a message thru your profile, otherwise you won’t be able to find the thread, that is probably the reason why **Tim Static **wasn’t able to find the thread.

hmm good investigating