Xexcution vs Chris Schmidt


Been hearing rumors this may happen at Evo. Hopefully it does, it’ll be a great win for the East. Chris just isn’t going to move like Desmond.


X got that Sentinel and Chris got the Magneto. But they’ve already played each other at SBIII, so I doubt it’ll be hype. shrugs

What we need is that run back of Sanford vs Khaos.


Agreed, it won’t be hype at all. X at his best vs Chris at his best, Chris takes it easy.
I want to see J360 vs Khaos.


how could it not be hype?? they are 1-1 in MMs one at evo 06 one at sb3 in 08. both were decided by 1 match. also at sbr chris s got 2nd and desmond got 3rd. not an “easy” win for chris by any means.

regardless its not happening des wont be at evo and chris hasnt said anything further on it. Josh vs khaos is happening tho


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWjmz51YgOg x wins 5-4
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7o9m1zWlAU chris wins 7-6


I thought Josh and Khaos already played?

It wasn’t hype when I first saw them MMs. The Yipes and Chris was hype and the 3 way battle between Sanford, Justin Wong and Yipes was hype too. That Wong factor tho…


Chris beating X easy? No way, once Sent is in motion its all done from there! X is to sick!

I would love to see Josh play Khaos as well! Josh touch of death destroys all.


are you just not a desmond fan? x is hype. or do you mean the MM isnt hype because they dont hate each other?


I fucks with X but the matches just wasn’t hype to me compared to Sanford, JWong, Yipes, and SmoothViper (Lol).

The shit talking be making it hype.