XF Jam Session Loops

Was this in Vanilla? I’ve seen and performed it in Ultimate, but had I known it was in Vanilla it would’ve made my dante a much better comeback character since he’s my anchor, and it requires no meter what so ever.

yes this was in vanilla lol

If you can’t kill a character in XF3 without doing an infinite you’re not doing it right. The jam session loop looks cool, but doesn’t do much damage ie. it takes up alot of your XF time.

For some characters (namely Felicia) doing an infinite is actually better in XF3 because the timer stops/slows down/something or other on each hit, giving you a longer Xfactor. I don’t know how it actually works, I’ve never really looked into it. But her infinite is a 1 hit move over and over, whereas Jam Session is… a lot of hits, and that probably makes some sort of difference.
But yeah, it’s not hard to kill a character in XF3 no matter how you go about it lol

It takes a long time to kill the opponent, so that is problematic, especially with the XF timer ticking down. However, it also builds a SHIT ton of meter. So assuming it isn’t your opponents last character, you have a choice: Tons of meter, or more X Factor time?

If you already have 3-5 bars, that obviously isn’t an issue, but otherwise there may be certain situations (bad luck = phoenix team, and your first character got killed, and Dante has almost no life, and then you have very little meter. You’re actually better off popping X-Factor here if you land a hit, so at least when Dante dies, you have a significantly better chance of getting DP) where extra meter would be preferable to XF. That being said, these situations aren’t common, so it’s situational at best, and you’ll usually be better off using a normal combo.


Posting this because I still don’t remember to do this shit with my XF Dante.