XFPS 1.0 vs. 3.0 .. others?

I have read on the converter sticky that Markman and another have said the XFPS 3.0 Sniper are lagless for converting a PS2 controller (like an HRAP) over to use on the Xbox 360.

Is it only the XFPS 3.0 Sniper (which is green in color) that is lagless? Has anyone tested the other ones like the XFPS 1.0 (which is black in color), or the XFPS 2.0 (which is white in color)? It appears as though there is an even newer 4.0 version called the Sniper PRO which is beige in color.

Anyone know if these things are any different when it comes to lag?

I had the beige one and when using my custom stick for sf3 and hd remix. My character would start walking forward randomly. Maybe it was something with my stick. There was no lag I could detect though.

I have the white xfps pro:

I could def notice some lag tbh, and it would also make my character walk forward randomly… so Dr.Chaos, i dont think its your stick! I personally would not recommend this one to anyone.

very interesting … ugh … time to just man up on a EX2 for the time being i think.

anyone actually have a good experience with this thing? someone might wanna re-evaluate the sticky.

Yeah, I brought it off strength of the sticky. Since I have a ps2 custom, and not wanting the Ex 2 no more. Then I noticed the problems so I sold it and ordered a Hrap Ex.