Xfps adapter for xbox 360


hi folks , i recently bought a madkatz fight pad for the xbox 360 to play street fighter 4 . im not overly impressed by the pad as im used to playin on a ps 1 pad which i filed away at ,so the dpads nice and loose . it was a mistake buying the pad to be honest as i was never really a saturn pad fan . ok heres my question has any got any feed back on the XFPS pro sniper 3 ? does the ps pad support work well for street fighter 4 ? and if so if is there any uk residents who have bought one at a reasonable price let me know where you got it from? thanks :rock:


Check here for a ton of reviews. Skip on the XFPS and get a Max Shooter if you just want to play with a PS1/PS2 pad. The XFPS doesn’t even work properly with a real Sony controller.


thanks kyle for the prompt reply . could you tell me if the madkatz fightpad would pass to be the plug in pad or do you need an official microsoft pad?:lovin:


I’m pretty sure the Mad Catz pad would work as the passthrough controller since it has a MS security chip in it. I don’t own one personally so I could be wrong. I’ll go pose the question in that other thread.


Yes the Madcatz Fightpad will work as a passthrough. I tried multiple non-MS pads for my XFPSpro(white) and they all work.

On a side note there is slight lag when using Playstation pads-at least on mine.
I’ve tried a couple DS2s pads,a nubytech SF 15th anv. and an early DS1 (analog).
In the converter compatibility thread on the 1st page Markman & Cheesy note no noticeable lag when using non-digital PCBs on the Sniper Pro version. So your results may vary.


Thanks for this. I don’t have any wired MS pads (plenty of Mad Catz) so it’s good to know.

I’m pretty sure that post is bogus. I’ve seen multiple accounts like yours where people say these are iffy even with Sony pads.