XFPS and X-Arcade

Bought the XFPS Sniper 3 yesterday as the 360 controller is so bad it’s putting me off SF4 but I cannot get it to play nice with my 2 player X-Arcade.

Using the PS/2 connection XFPS cannot remap most of the buttons as WSAD are reserved for the left analogue stick (spread over P2’s stick and buttons) and the direction arrows (P1’s side) do not register at all.

Can these be rejiggled by switching the internal wires around in the X-Arcade (for example WSAD wired to P1’s stick) or would I have to spend out again for X-Arcade’s Playstation adapter. I’m worried this would introduce some (more) lag.

I’m reluctant to spend much more than I already have, already tried a pad mod but screwed up the soldering and killed the pad. I’m seriously thinking about ditching the lot and so any advice would be appreciated.

I don’t see this setup ever working well enough to play SF4 decently. ><

Your best bet is to just cut your losses and pick up a different stick meant to be played on the 360 (fightstick, HRAP, custom, etc).

I know I had similar problems before when I had my X-arcade. By the time I wound up on these forums, I decided to sell that thing and just get a custom one.

I know you guys are right, getting a decent stick in the next few months is going to be difficult though.

Will there be the same shortages of the TE stick when the next wave hits?

Also thinking about pre-modded 360 pads if there’s any reputable UK modders.

Probably not worthwhile waiting for the TE to come in stock. I don’t think they’ll be able to keep up with demand for a while (I’m not sure they’ll keep producing it either, AFAIK it was supposed to be a limited edition thing). In canada it’s already fully pre-ordered for march.

I’ll take the XFPS off your hands if you wanna get rid of it.

If you can find a common ground PCB for 360, it would be much easier to add support for that than it would be to use adapters. The X-Arcade lags as it is, and the adapter would only add more lag, if you did get it to work. If you like the feel of the x-arcade stick, that’s your best option. Otherwise, just save up and get a custom or another stick that’s made for Xbox 360.

Just my opinion, but the X-Arcade is a mediocre stick anyways, I would invest in something else.

In all honesty I don’t mind the X-Arcades feel, the joysticks were swapped out to JLWs and the buttons are iL but I would swap it for a more compatible stick in a heartbeat.

I just need to find an alternative.

Well in that case, just ask someone in the trading forums to hack a PCB for you. It’s easy to put in yourself if you have a JLW, since you don’t have to worry about a common ground.

Finished this today

It’s a mess but not permanent, not the final photo either.
When sealed, nothing moves around because there are so many wires!
Took out the X-Arcade PCB.
Gutted an EARLY wired 360 pad (no common ground!)
Made the many connections
Played tons of SF4

For now I’m still using stock components.:arazz:
Still waiting on my iL Euro & Happ buttons from LL.

I have extremely limited experience with a soldering iron (until now that is).

You should probably reprogram the X-Arcade (on a PC) to the keys that the XFPS is looking for, then just use the programmed mode on the XFPS.

Unfortunately, you may need a keyboard to be plugged into the X-Arcade to use it on the XFPS, but you can disconnect it once you get it initialized.

Alternatively you could use one of the X-Arcade PS2 adapters on the XFPS instead, but it would add a slight bit of lag.

Hi Jeremy, I think my X-Arcade may be faulty or incompatible to an extent with my motherboard because the X-Arcade refuses to let me reprogram the buttons.

Switched to mode 2,3 or 4, press the button on the back and the LED goes out (as it should) but comes back on a second later without anything else being pressed, I tried a different PS/2 Keyboard but still it does the same thing.

On another note I’m some 40-odd posts away from being able to ask in ‘Classifieds’ but I’m looking for a reputable UK based pad hacker that’s willing to sell a soldered/wired Xbox 360 pcb if any of you guys could point me in the right direction that would be ace.