XGametime Player's Battle of The Benjamin's


Two X Gametime player battle it out for 100 bone’s. Shinshay VS. Bmore . I love to witness two competiors duke it out in a “put up” or, “shut up” brawl. Big up’s to both player’s. Ya Nigga’s GO Hard! I am Aaron. Out! :eek:



Winner: Bmorechun

Final Score: 10-5

Prize: $100 bones



that shit was funny
eric lee - skisonic= ski with 25bones
mark p - b Rugal =rugal got paid

      nuff said:evil: ps you guys should come down more often but i wouldn't bet


will martin… u pussy… where the fuck have u been… u aint trying to chill anymore with VA peeps?? i c how it goes its all good :slight_smile:



I’ll come down again, and bet! and rugal paid me! :smiley: I think hes the best player out of all the bmore players, beside Will, wich i really wanted to see play once. That match you saw, my fp on my stick was fuck’n up. I traded sticks with ski, and i did allright. I’m actually pretty good with todo:cool:


Well I am going to be out of the scene for a while. I have to focus on some important things like school.


Details would be nice…


Re: lol

Its funny that you have so mcuh to say over the computer but when u were sitting there in the same room as me you had nothing to say if your wanted to play me I would have surely played you not even for money just to test your skill. But sometimes all children have to do is sit in the backround and be quiet until they can get to the safety of their PC(dude do u have a dell)

anyway anytime you wanna play just holla until then please don’t talk about me.



Re: Re: lol

Damn Bmore, why so mean man? Your in ya zone with the carryin…I think Nas would have stepped up, probably cause his mind was on other things (were speakin money here). Just sayin holdin ground for my boy like you did wit me in the nc thread.



eric lee tried a few different things at first. i know he played a groove in there somewhere, and i think maybe N groove for the first few matches. agroove um…kim someone rugal. n groove ken ryu sagat i believe.
i cant remember exact numbers until later on in the series…actually i cant remember them at all, i just know eric lee made the switch to S groove and won 2 or 3 matches, then bmorechun switched from CBS to hibiki B/S, then won out.
that thing took FOREVER btw.


ouch 100.00


Re: Re: Re: lol

I feel you but you gotta tell these young boyz don’t talk about it be about it.



Re: Re: Re: Re: lol

ok, i feelin that. Just was wonderin playboi…well holla.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: lol

You know i’m not a mean guy I just hate it when people talk about me behind my back, it’s kinda immature ya know. So like i said money motivates most but i’ll play him just to see where he is at. The thing with me and ShinShay goes to show how strongly we both thought of our skillz and in the end that what it coes down to not some talking on the computer stuff thats:lame: .

holla at u later



Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: lol

I feel that to the upmost playboi, thats why i respect you and shinshay. And puttin my respect on the line i seriously doubt nas would even say anything about you. Those cats respect ya game. But thats what im tryin to get to alotta the younger generation “all talk an complainin aint proven nothin”. And I definitly hate KEYBOARD KILLAZ who think there affecting me in someway with consistant typin??:confused:

Anyhow, I would like you to battle Nas more cause he learns fast and at the same time doesnt take things to heart. Similar to MarcP and Rugal B. Those should be the next to step up and rep. I mean hell ill even bring Nas to you [cause i just want to meet some bmore broads:p ] and let yall go at it…

Let me quit yappin with my old azz…holla


Re: Re: lol

Hey man I’m not afraid to play, just makin shit exiting! I would love to come back, and chill at the club too. I’m not afraid to put down some $$$s when i have it, i’m thinkin your a pretty cool guy on the real. I thought u were gonna laugh at that more than consider it “talkin shit” You’re def not sorry, you put out shinshay who is a really smart player. i would like to play you, for money for fun for whatever, u just wanna chill we could do that too. I’m not a scrub, and i don’t use my PC as a shield, and i posted what i posted for u to see, and I dont plan on avoiding you from now on or anything. I admire the way your bmore team sticks together, its almost like a family. Its like you guys have your shit together, and the rest of the MD area is just scattered around. So it gave me ideas, me and No Defence were even talkin about it. Its clear to me that you got the wrong idea i’m just bein playful, and i am willing to throw down the chedda anytime. :lol:


I just wanted to say that yes my mind was on other things… LIKE SLEEP that was one of the most boring sets of batches i’d ever seen, each match was 6 or 7 minutes, and u had 15 grueling matches. I’m sure if we played that many matches it wouldn’t be that boring. You and i had played before i dont remember exacty how it came out but i’m sure it wasn’t that goddamn boring! :eek: anyway, the bottom line is lets just have fun and do what we do, dont take any offense thats just me bein me. I’ll stick by anything i say. I just expected u to take that a lil more lightly, cause thats how i meant it.


skisonic: Thanks >)


Wassup Nas I’m tryin to come down to bmore wit yall and play for fun and shit. I havent been there and maybe there might be some new competition there also. Yeah and maybe we could do that little team thing like bmores peeps do. It would be a little interesting. Like me No Defence and u or whoever wants to do it like that. Or we could do like a friendly Bmore vs. Hyattsville/D.C. area match with teams. Something like that.


Thats a good way to get some practice to get those skillz up. But thats only if bmore family feels up to it. Im not in it, cause i have my skill (old school) just not gonna take it seriously…but I want someone to rep lower maryland as a crew or family type atmosphere that bmore an them has and personally i feel the fam should be [comments included]:

Shinshay - vet, and only if he is willing,his reality is smackin him in the face right now;)

Nassir- the next up to take the helm…sorry but he grasp so fuccin fast. Just gotta stop that nervousness and delay of move that he does like bread an butter…

Nakato- if we can find his ass

Marc P- very versitle! seriously gonna be scary soon

Gimpy - Third strike will be his expertice soon…

Johan- If I can get him to understand his characters and dont be as nervous…just know how to use the moves and timing

Aaron- I want him to get good, no get professionally good with 4 characters…no more practicing with odd teams…stay focused with ones you know are good with ( and he should know)

no afro Joe - Stay calm and dont run. Keep your pressure and like aaron, get really fuccin good with your characters…RC WITH THOSE. Dont suddenly sway off with cats you dont know yet

Lei Fang - I seriously dont know if he is taking it serious anymore cause he has been hittin the random button for the last month and a half…

Just my 2 cent seriously. Dont take the comments to heart, just something I noticed and want yall to watch out or take into consideration…