Xian setups help

Why do Xian whiff his h. gekiro instead of going for a hard knockdown? I’m trying to expand my gen knowledge and I’d really appreciate some help!

That’s a bit vague. Do you have a video to show? Because as far as I know, he only drops the last hit of LK Gekiro for set ups, but always completes a HK Gekiro for the hard knockdown.

He drops Gekiro to continue pressure, and in some cases to do a safejump setup.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmmvoGU3IUY he does it around 4:06 and 5:25 (and a few times before that and afterwards obviously)

Warlike is correct. Xian uses as a way to keep the opponent closer to him and to setup a cross up wall dive on some characters if they choose to quick rise. If the opponent chooses to stay on the ground to avoid the dive he can setup a safe jump from the other side. I believe a SRK forum member created a video demonstrating that setup based on Xians footage

Against characters like Fei or Honda he usually drops the kick to setup a double safe jump setup by neutral jumping with FP (m) twice.

Appreciate the help, where can I find the video demonstrating Xian’s setup?

Here is the post from the video thread.

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I guess this isn’t new, as xian was using it, but might still be of use to someone
Its a midscreen fake crossup against sakura and fei long while being unblockable against guy.
Usefull after conditioning the opponent to not quickrise after gekiro