Xian wins CEO, next stop EVO!

Congratulations to Xian for winning the CEO tournament. More power to your elbow.

Its scary how he’s won with Gen. I wonder if Gen top tier now and every street fighter player will rush to play as him. How are Xian’s chances of winning EVO 2013?

with 1900 entrants in SSF4 I guess its pretty good, he got quite some seed point by winning CEO, coming second in SEA, and other tournaments so he will be seeded a bit high so I expect a top 16 finish

No. Gen is still very good, but being not newbie friendly and the hard matchups (e.g. Dhalsim, Guile, Honda, etc) will prevent an large influx of new Gens, imo.

That being said, I do like Xian’s chances this year.

I thought the fact that two footsies characters were in the grand finals. I always feel at a disadvantage if we have to play the game a frame late than everyone else who just has to time their combos off of hit confirms.

Dat top 8 in winners awwwww yes :woot:


What a surprise, he overpowered his way through to Evo 2013.

And people complain about Akuma being OP? lol…

Grats champ
My pic with ya from 2011 lol https://twitter.com/photonchun/status/356648345474826240