Xian Wins EVO!







congratz… it’s nice to see a rarely used character winning a tournament… you guys now have a grandmaster Gen user!..


Man, are these tears coming out of my eyes?

Congrats Xian!


Xian’s win was sealed the moment Infiltration chose to play Akuma vs. Tokido.


Congratulations Xian on an incredible tournament win!


Too hype! A new version of Street Fighter and Gen finally wins an Evo Tournament! :slight_smile:


Oh really? I wanna see lol grats to Xian


I am not impressed.




Probably cause Tokido beat him in a FT7 after last year’s EVO. That’s my guess anyway, but that was a whole year ago. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s funny, cause it’s a rock paper scissors thing - Xian always beats Tokido, Tokido always beats Infiltration, Infiltration always beats Xian (though it’s possible Xian could have turned that around this time). Xian had a bit of luck in not having to face Infiltration over Tokido, but still - he’s an amazing player and he’s truly taken this character to the next level, with the help of tech other Gens have discovered of course.




What kind of player is Infiltration? He’s a defensive, fundamentals-oriented player, much like Daigo is. While he’s good on offense and technique, there’s no doubt Tokido is better than him in those aspects.
What kind of matchup is the Akuma mirror? It is a weird brand of Marvel, volatile and technical. Akuma can be tatsu-swept, allowing for continuous setplay. The matchup plays squarely to Tokido’s strengths.
What kind of matchup is Ryu-Akuma? In comparison to the Akuma mirror, it emphasizes fundamentals and zoning much more, no matter which side you play. It is also much less volatile a matchup, and the better player ought to prefer more stability. Picking Ryu would have played more to Infiltration’s strengths as a player - spacing, reads, the footsie game.

Infiltration didn’t pick Ryu. He chose to play the mirror, for which Tokido is much more suited as a player. After the first game at least it should’ve become glaringly evident to him that he was outclassed in a game of that nature, and switched to a game that he is more suited for as a player. He didn’t. He completely deserved his loss.

Then we get to Tokido vs. Xian. Barring quick blowups, Akuma vs. Gen is a matchup about patience. Xian is a buddhist monk when it comes to patience. He will never, ever crack. Tokido on the other hand will, as he’s done even vs. PR Rog before, let alone Xian. It’s why Infiltration wins against Xian where Tokido loses: He won’t crack either, and is better at scouting out what the opponent wants to do. Comes back to spacing and fundamentals, where both Xian and Infiltration have Tokido beat.


That was tense, congratulations to Xian.