Xiaohai and Dakou are attending EVO



Says they got an visa (really hard to get a visa to go to america from the mainland) and they’ll be participating in KOF13 and AE2012 (but not SFXT as theyve never played the game)



Good shit. It’s usually easier to get a visa sorted if they’ve already been to the US/abroad and back once before (which they have), but none the less glad to see they didn’t get hassled. I expect a top 32 performance from both of them. China is more or less on the same level as the US is at Street Fighter. It would be nice for them to bring the mainland some well-deserved recognition.


yeah i’ve met alot of players here who are really good but have no financial means to travel to evo. its crazy to think of how many killers there are that dont get a chance to go to evo but im glad the mainland gets a chance to represent there top players.


Actually I think they have top 8 potential, afterall, Xiaohai to KOF is like Jwong to MVC2, he is frigging legend to Asia KOF (and I think he was world champ at KOF before too, that do say something). The fact that Tokido did so well against Xiaohai kinda meant this whole competition for KOF in EVO will be wide open, basically here are all the potential Heavy Hitter from each Contentinet:

Daiko, Xiaohai, Xian, Tokido, Koru (sp?, Japanese player)

US based players:
Bala, Romance, Mr.KOF, Pacquaio, Combofiend (I think he has great potential)

Not to mention others players from Mexico and South America that no one has known yet.

speaking of which, I wonder if EVO can do a 5v5 exhibition between Asia vs Americas (north and South) for KOF13?