Xiaoyu Frame Data

Here you go, it’s almost complete. I’ll add Rain Dance moves in a bit.
Edit: It’s done!
Edit 2: Fixed Shooting Star to +3 advantage on block.


Thank you lmao! I have been waiting for this!!!


Ah shit lol. I spent all morning transcribing the data, come here and find it posted already. Damn me! Oh well :slight_smile: Thanks for posting this. Glad to see that ex california roll is actually strike invincible. Someone before said it wasnt! shakes finger

Thanks for the frame data, very much appreciated. Btw, is there any data on Phoenix Talon? I could’nt find it on the spreadsheet.

Talons is 5 frames. That is the lo version. The Mk and hk versions are both 8 frames. The ex version is 8 frames but invincible from the 1st to 6th frame.

this means a lot

Sorry, forgot to add Phoenix Talon, fixed.

I don’t know wut none of that shit means -- … question… it says the crouching LP, has a 4 frame startup, and its active for 3 frames, so that means its 7 frames right? So crouching LP is 7 frames how can it recover in 8 @@ … Am I going bout this the wrong way??

Startup, active and recovery frames all mean different things.

As someone who is new to frame data, you don’t really need to look at anything except a move’s Startup, advantage on hit and and advantage on block.

Here is my best explanation:
Let’s say you hit your opponent with cr.LP. This has +6 advantage on hit. This means that any move with 6 or lower startup will hit, because the enemy is in hitstun for 6 frames after you have finished attacking. So assuming you execute properly, you can follow up with any move that has 6f startup or lower. This is called a link.

That data is useful to determine moves that can form block strings (by trying to use a combo that gives your opponent the least amount of time between moves), and potentially frame traps (combos that give them just enough time to reactively press a button, only to get hit by another of your moves, usually a move with quick startup). Obviously it has applications for understanding which moves combo into each other, as well.

The other reason you want to know each move’s startup is for punishing.

For example, in SF4 Ryu’s sweep is -14 on block. That means that, in SF4 if you block Ryu’s sweep, you have 14 frames to do stuff before Ryu can block. So, assuming you are in range, ANYTHING that has 14f startup or faster can punish Ryu’s sweep. Most characters’ Ultras start up in less than 14f, so almost every character in the game can punish Ryu’s cr.HK with Ultra.

So in SFxT (or any fighting game really), it will be important to look at other characters’ frame data in comparison to your characters’ fastest moves, so that you know which moves can be punished by what.

Active and Recovery are not as important right away. Active is just how many frames a move is out for, and Recovery is how many extra frames it takes to go back into Neutral after your recovery frames end.

Also, I just noticed something. The frame data says all of Xiaoyu’s standing attacks have to be blocked standing… can anyone confirm that this is right?

I guess it makes sense since that’s Tekken style, I just didn’t expect it, and I’ve only ever been in Training Mode so far so I never paid attention to how the dummy was blocking.

Dive kick isn’t +13 on block, it’s +3. The +13 is a typo in the printed guide.

They use 3D game terminology for overheads in the guide. Lows have to be blocked low, highs can be blocked either high or low, and mids are overheads.

Ah, thank you. That explains a lot.

Whoa +3. That’s a huge typo. So since xiayou jab is 4 frames the divekick can’t be used to setup anything.

dive kick gives knockdown…

I mean for blocked dive kicks. I can’t see setting up a frame trap or anything off of it. Her jab is 4 frames, so at best this is just neutral. O thought +13 was going to give her the ability to setup some nasty mixups. Plus since its a command dive kick that goes set distances,I its not exactly easy to get someone to block it in the first place. Some one can just up back it.

+3 block to 4 frame jab is a 1 frame frame trap.

Was about to say the same, basically means if they push a button (unless they are using an invincible reversal), you are going to counter-hit them.

Mashyu, do you know the frame data of her normals from chains?

No idea, but her only useful chainable hit-confirm seems to be cr.LP into cr.MK into her combos, and since the cr.MK is a one frame link, I find myself just linking all of it anyway in a rhythm.

Her normals kinda make me cry. T-T