Xiaoyu Movelist

hey guys, I didn’t see a movelist in here so I decided to quickly put together my own whilst trying to figure out this character. Hope it’s useful to someone!


Unique Attacks
Cyanide: 6+MK
Phoenix: 2+PPP [stance]
Rain Dance: 4+KKK [stance]

Special Moves
Storming Flower: 236+LP
Fortune: 236+MP
Fortune 2nd Hit: LP/MP/HP
Fortune Cookie: 236+HP
Shooting Star: 236+K
Hakkesho: 214+P (chargeable)

Phoenix Stance Moves
Wave Crest: P
Double Map Sweep: K
Flower Power: 214+K
Phoenix Talon: 236+K

Rain Dance Stance Moves
Mistrust: K
Dark & Stormy: P
Turn of Fortune (before first hit of Dark & Stormy): P
California Roll: 236+K
Cyclone Left (During California Roll): K
Back Layout: 214+K (press K to cancel)

Hakkesho Combo: 214+PPP

Can someone please post up her damn frame data?

No one has the guide yet? I’ll get it tomorrow night.

Yep, feel free to lock this thread up and make a better one. When I made it the wiki with the movelist wasn’t up, would be good to see other things like Low/Mid/High, damage, frame data etc…

i guess she has no 66+k as in tekken, right? the kick that makes her turn back

same as for 1+p, the “palm” attack