Xkcd #1110: click and drag


[LEFT]Have fun. :)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]NOTE: Not spam. Just fun time killing.[/LEFT]


wow i got lost in this shit


Is this real life?


replace the 1s with other digits to cheat


Good stuff.

And here’s a cheat sheet of stuff to find:


I don’t understand.

I just saw a black box.


Really? Try reloading. It should appear as the dude floating in a balloon, and you should be able to click and drag to traverse the world.

If it still doesn’t work, try the link in my last post.


I tried again and nothing happened, I’ll try to figure it out after work maybe.


cheat sheet? fuck that

explore on my own



The entire map in a much more easier to navigate format. You’re welcome.


This is a beautiful work of art.


This is so cool, where’s the end? It’s like I’m looking at an entirely different world through a tiny window. @_@


The second link I posted has the whole map if you want spoilers. But the map does end; it’s a rectangle.


When I first opened that, I was sure I could scroll like, ten times and then I’d be back at the start from the other end, and it would all be pretty
10 minutes later I was still scrolling through some random stuff. XKCD does a lot of good, good things - this is one of them.


I got all the way to the right, but I got bored going underground to the left.


I went all the way to the left from my browser the first time. Took ages.
Didn’t realize til someone made a thread there was a underground tunnel and a right side.

Didn’t even notice the tunnel on the island