Xmania 5 disc 2 VIDS!

Here it is finaly.

This is the second DVD of Xmania 5. All in all there are about 17 sets here. Some of the matchs are very very good. Fei-Long beasting!

Part One

Part Two


It’s written on the Megaupload FAQ that “If the file you are trying to download is larger than 500 MB, you can only download it with a premium account. In this case, you will see a “Download with Premium!” message.”


shit didn’t know about that.

I am reupping the file now as two.

wow awesome! thx cigarbob.

This is great. Thanks a lot CigarBob! :lovin:

I’m really looking forward to meeting you and playing on your cool cab at Evo!

good shit!.. thx man… bout to d/l them now…

As always you give the ST community somthing totally cool and out of the blue.

sweet man more to add to my collection cant wait for this year’s evo ST matches until i drop O.o

I am uploading them to CV.com right now.

Thx :slight_smile:

Kusumondo/KomodaBlanka/Mayakon rocks my socks. That Fei player (can’t read kanji) was pretty sick, too. And that match where the Hawk player 100% ruins Tsuji, only taking block damage from one headbutt, that was the match of the tournament for me.

Thanks for the upload!

toutanki is a beast… near double perfect.


I am very glad that everyone is enjoying the vids. There are some really great matches on here.

I wish I could get my hands on
Xmania 1-3 and 6. But i dont have any idea if there are any in the US or where I can buy them from.

oh well.

Yeah Noguchi’s Fei Long is no joke ;o

Thanks for the upload CigarBob :slight_smile:

Are you sure that was Noguchi? I think I’ve only seen his name written in katakana.

Yeah, This kanji “??” is Noguchi

Edit: Also, although I haven’t downloaded part 2 yet, the Hawk player you are probably talking about “???” is Toutanki

I am having a heck of a time DL’ing part 2. I keep getting errors.:sweat: Anyone else. Part one DL’d fine.

I had to DL part 2 six times cause it kept stopping

once, it stopped at 97%

got it finally though

toutanki is a beast always tearing shit up like in xmania7 with K they tore shit up

I got a corrupted file the first time, then I decided to use flashget and everything was fine.