Xmen endangered species

anyone paying attention to endangered species series goin on in all the xmen titles right now? im following part of it but i need to hit my comic store again soon but i wanted to see if anyone could explain it too me a little better.

what are you confused by?

Short version:

M day removed the mutant gene from all, but about 300 mutants. Beast has been wracking his brain trying to reactivate the X gene and save mutantkind. He’s failed by himself so now he’s going to the X-men’s enemies for help.

The begining of ES was great but now its taking a downhill course, its all the same
(loop start) Beast thinks he come with a solution chapter ends next chapter the solution he found is useless and now he comes with another one chapter ends (loop end)

But i have a good feeling about Messiah Complex so ill continue with this one

confused by the fact that i dont have all the issues talkin bout it so im not gettin all the story. and i thought all the damage done by scarlett witch was reversed?

I think only Wanda can reverse it. Meanwhile…Beast needs to hook up with Snow Queen.

Ha, man, that would be some bestiality shit right there. Like when Beast got it on with that one normal human reporter chick… Only, moreso.

obviously ive been out of the loop cuz i aint know beast been with anyone :lol: last hook up i remember was mystique hookin up with iceman to nerf his powers while she planned her sneak attack. xmen 200 explained in 201

naw at this point i don’t think anyone but Hawkeye knows where the scarlett witch is.
Going by the previous endangered species arc i last read it seems Beast has a lightbulb going off in his head after figuring out that the alternate future that Bishop is from still has a booming mutant population.
Makes me wonder what beast is gonna do now.

that motherfucker gonna peace out and move :lol:

I dunno…if she can walk, talk, is self-aware, can reason and hold conversations with you…it’s simply interspecies. Not beastiality. Bout the same as a mutant and a human, regardless of outward appearance.

Oh. I was thinking from her perspective, actually. 'Cause Beast looks just like “Tony the Tiger on barbiturates.” And Grant Morrison wrote that while he was tripping on acid, so it’s obviously the truth.

Nah Morrison said Beast was Gay until someone told him no. :wonder:

I’m pretty sure that was Morrison being ironic.

Yeah I know. A lot of the Beast fans were upset when he fake came out of the closet. I was the jerk saying “Now it all makes sense look at Quietly’s drawing of the entire X-Men student body and Beast with his legs crossed - HE HAD HIS LEGS CROSSED!” Damn people were mad at me that was fun go Morrison! :rofl: