Xmen vs Street Fighter Arcade


A fixer upper probably a 7 out of 10 comsmetically also has Alpha 3 board inside also have Sf2 cabinet.
Bay Area Ca holla at me make me an offer


If you want to sell it here, you must put a price on it. no exceptions.


Any pictures?


Will take pics tomorrow as i have to offload it to my garage this evening.


It doesnt look too flattering in the back of my truck, i clean it up and post pics sunday.


get the price up soon, or risk your thread being deleted.

this is not an auction.



Im still researching what I think I should sell it for…

I posted as soon as I acquired it…

Slow your multiple rolls…


Slow ur rolls please…


Then use this thread to do that, since it clearly states that its the PRICE CHECK THREAD: The Price Check Thread

Thread closed. You can start a new thread when you figure your shit out.