Xmen vs Street Fighter Magnus Thread

Can you guys please post some good infinates and nice looking combos here? A nice combo to start with is c.lk, c.hp, sj, rk, airdash down forawd, lp, lk then rk xx shockwave. Most u guys probably have the combo down but new ones are appreciated. Btw, can anyone teach me how to do the tempest for an AC? I can never cancel the hyper grav into the tempest fast enough. Any tips?

You can’t cancel specials into super in XvSF… only MvC2 (and the insane PSX versions of versus games, and ONLY while something is hitting your opponent so it doesn’t work in that either)

For air tempest, you don’t hypergrav, just throw with FP upward into tempest, sort of like this

c.short,c.fierce,sj.jab,sj.short.,sj.strong,throw (throws can be comboed in this game) upward with fierce, tempest.

The only time you can connect hyper grav is with standing roundhouse while the person is in normal jump height

c.short,c.fierce, sj. roundhouse, dash down forwardXforward, s.roundhouse, hyper grav roundhouse, tempest.

crouching lk crouching fk tgriangle jump df with lk crouching fk sj lk dash df hp throw (you should be behind them and can either reset or combo it either way looks cool) hold up dash fwd tempest

inf in corner lp down + lk x 5 down + mp you land mp launcher

or triangle jump over and over with MK is an infinite too