Xmvsf infinity kawaks movies


here are some xmen vs street fighter magneto infinities for winkawaks

there are 5 different infinities, and one semi infinity
if theres enough interest, i can do it for another character



theres nothing better than inifinitiys


so what did you guys think?
heres one for ryu
5 infinities (well really 4 since one is a variation of that another)



am i missing any infinities for those characters?

if yourve downloaded and watched them, please gimme some feedback


Cool… can we have more for all other characters? I am looking for cute juggernaut.


how do i watch ur vid’s? by the way, i can supply u with some other infinites… and some glitches.


I finally got some of my infinites here, just check the rest of this thread.


I enjoyed watching both sets of replays. Some interesting infinites and impressive timing. more ^^

Would you record a game of you completing the game with as many infinites and set-ups as you can get in? Sometimes i just like watching people play even if its cpu, especially when Pc is it’s background look at me i can run 4 kawaks at once mini arcade vibe.

Are the combos specific to that version of xmvssf? cause i remember some versions had lame infinites, [c.strong, f+forward]

Best glitch for that game was the double character one. s.fierce XX double headcrush mash for england.

To watch the replays you need winkawaks, the rom and to unzip those files to recinput and select ‘replay input’.



moooooooooooooore =D give us more


as soon as i see these vids, i’ll give mine up too. i’ll throw in some nice rests too. oh yea, and the glitches.:smiley:


ar, sorry about that late reply, i been cramming for exams starting next week.

anyways, heres a cyclops one
these were done on version 2 by the way.

i see what i can do about that finish the game with infinities, but its gonna get pretty boring watching infinty for 99 seconds


heres rogue. i think im missing 2. i got pissed off and didnt do them cause there a bitch.

steal yoga flame.
[dash.s.jab XX yoga flame]
this one i either miss the dash with PPP or got the flying rush punch with towards towards

s.roundhouse /\ sj.jab -> sj.short -> sj.strong -> sj.roundhouse, OTG sj.roundhouse [ s.jab -> s.short]
i kept getting fsd for that one in about 4 reps and then then gave up.

ill put the ones i missed out in a zip file next time.
and i just found out i cant upload attachments bigger then a certain size


here it is


heres the file i left out of the rogue zip cause of size restrictions.

and about juggernaut. i only know the one everyone else knows, but ozy says to me that he has more, and told me to go experiment. so ill see what i can come up with.
if anyone knows any of them apart from jumping fierce, please share


ok… i don’t really understand how to watch these files. is their another way i can watch them or u send them to me. i would hate to put the same infinite that u did.


here’s a start. i do have to admit, there are so many things u can do with magnus. i just can go on and on. just wish i could just show u guys. hm…anyone live in tampa, fl? lol :smiley:

anyway, here…


do remeber i wrote these rather quickly. so i’m sorry if my spelling is not rather …good, nor my grammar. :stuck_out_tongue:

yet another surprise…


ok… i’m kind of tired… so this is the last one 'til next time!:smiley:

won’t take u that long to read…


To watch them, you need kawak (it is an CPS2 emulator), the roms and put these files in the replay directory.


if you wanna watch those files, you gotta get winkawaks, then unzip the files to the folder called recinput. run the game, click on file -> record input slot -> then choose which slot to look at.

heres the magnus one you got described in your text file, except its done [superjump down+lk -> mk XXad.down, Down+lk -> mk /]


heres one for cammy, only 3 infinities for her, but features one of what i think is the hardest infinities to perform, the cannon drill one.