XNDL Combos

Crouching LK into AXE (Jab) into XNDL : 39 // 43 in corner.
Standing LK into AXE (Jab) into XNDL: 35 // 39 in corner
Crouching LK into XNDL: 57 (Corner only!?).
Close MP into XNDL: 44 // 54 in corner.
Close MK into XNDL: 44 // 54 in corner.
IAD MK into XNDL : 54 // 58 in corner.
Jumping HK into XNDL: 53 // 57 in corner.
Jumping HK into AXE (LP) into XNDL: 46 (Same in corner).
Jumping HP into XNDL: 50 // 58 in corner.
Jumping very late LP into XNDL: 52 // 52 in corner.
AXE (LP) into XNDL: 34 // 42 in corner.
AXE (MP) into XNDL: 35 // 43 in corner.
AXE (HP) into XNDL: 37 // 45 in corner.

Ex NDL into XNDL

Far: 30 corner only
Sweep: 33 // 30 in corner
Close: 33 // 30 in corner

Done vs Ken.

More Twelve combos that can be helpful. Post any that I missed :tup:

you are missing

uoh, xndl
and combos #1-5 starting with jump hk

Against Hugo only

I recomend mid-screen

Neutral throw (stun), instant XNDL, then any of those XNDL combos. Of course stunning Hugo is no easy task. But he can’t quick recover from the throw if he’s stunned

UOH, link a crouching LK, X.N.D.L.

crouching LKx2, XNDL (not exactly easy though but good)

Jumping HK cross-up, XNDL

anti-air AXE (LP), XNDL. Though it does no damage really, u dont waste as much bar as the EX NDL, XNDL combo that some ppl like lol. Looks cool yes, but crappy damage.

And I saw this used against a crouching Hugo
crouching MP, link a crouching LK, XNDL

Meaty NDL, to SA1
Meaty MK, to SA1

I’m pretty sure the 2nd oen works but not 100% sure on the 1st one
B.M.K., SA1 also but since the range on BMK is bad and moves him out of range. And as you know, the furter away SA1 hits, the lesser the damage. And the motio nfor it is hard, you cant really do BMK, :qcf::qcf: + P but you have to do BMK, :hcf::qcf: If the BMK does hit sure go for it, but you can also reserve your bar and combo into AXE (LP)

Yeah I duno if you can cancel it after a fireball like you can with Shinku/Denjin/Gohadou/Shippu/ any other super art.

Missed me

It’s not that hard to do once you get the motion down. Similar to Chun-Li back + FP xx SAII. Still, for ease of use, MP xx SAI is much easier.

Plus, you can only parry standing close MP high!

Air-dash HK (cross-up), crouching LK, AXE (LP), XNDL

not very easy, best against crouhing opponents. Usually works when your opponent walks forward at the last second. Real hard & tight postioning & timing

To make this easier use Air-Dash HK (Cross up) right into XNDL. Or for a hit confirm throw in a MK. Air Dash (Cross up) MK XNDL.

no doubt that that is better, since it’s easier to land and set-up. Just lettin’ ppl know that the other combo(s) are possible.

Air Dash HK, standing close MK, XNDL doesn’t seem to work though. At least not on Ryu cause I always use hi mas dummy. But Air Dash HP, standing close MK, XNDL works.

Late jumping HP into XNDL works well too. And about the Hugo OTG combo, its realy hard to land. After a neutral throw and good Hugo player will know to roll on command. If you try to do the XNDL while hes rolling Hugo can block it. If you see the Hugo doesn’t roll though go for it. Just something to keep in mind.

yeah, u gotta really be psychic for that one. And if he did block it, I think not sure but I think he mayne in range for a throw cause the recovery on the XNDL is lousy!
Unless u stun him with a neutral throw, but that aint gonna happen with Twelve against Hugo, but I think 3 Air Dash HK, standing MK combo can stun him not sure

Actually Twelve’s neutral throw packs quite the stun. Just last night I stunned a good Hugo player with the IAD, neutral throw and tick, neurtal throw. if you get more than 3 hits in on the nuetral throw is does a great deal of stun. Mash those buttons :tup:

s o mashing the buttons ONLY ups the stun damage? cause I know it does no more hits or damage for that matter. But a neutral throw on Hugo aint that great, cause he’s still close, and can throw u on wake-up.

Oh but it is. Twelve can hit his SA’s on Hugo when he’s on the ground.

thank you sherlock holmes, but we were discussing why it isn’t that good though

No matter which way you look at it Twelve and Hugo both use throws as a major part of thier games. I’m saying if you throw Hugo it might as well be neutral because:
2.) Huge stun damage

Reasons for doing the other throw
1.) Distance, its a pain in the ass for Hugo to catch Twelve
2.) Taunt, go invisable to fuck up Hugo more.

If Twelve is going to win this match he must keep his distance. One piledriver from Hugo is almost a gaurenteed round. Hell what you can do is poke Hugo a few time, get the lead then avoid him til the timer runs out. Nothing frusterates a Hugo player more. One thng you really have to watch out for though is when your poking Hugo that you keep your distance so that he can’t piledrive you directly after a poke. Ex NDL’s are reccomended in this fight to keep that giant at bay. Watch out for random Shootdown Backbreakers, you can easily poke him out of it but getting caught by one of these is a huge problem.

Max range ad HP’s are great pokes.
AD MP is also good, just as good as range… and will stuff the SDBB if done early
Random NDLs and EX NDLs to keep him off, maybe a max range standing HK, parried or block what is Hugo gonna do?

I dont recomend throws, every now and then. But not neutral throws. No matter what ppl say, the OTG combo should not be something you have to land. Ur not Chun-Li :cough cr. MK to super Cough:! Stay away from point blank range wake-up, one mistake or if Hugo get’s lucky and the player is quick enough, you can eat a throw. I’d say stay away and use NDL’s on wake-up. Maybe dash in early and stick out MP, MK to beat out a SDBB. or to land early and punish him if he throws something out. And if it is blocked from max range, 12 is safe. Also. don’t back ur self into the corner. I fu get in the corner, the most u can hope for is an opening to land either a throw, EX Dive or XNDL, but that’s quite risky. As long as u poke him, keep him far away and stay outta the corner, you’re ok but it still isnt THAT EASY of win, but I say it’s easier than Urien, Ken, Akuma or Elena

Here’s a phrase 12 should keep in mind when fighting Hugo and I quote Master P here “Betta back up off me! Bitch get off me!”