Xperia Play (Playstation Phone) preview. Ultimate handheld emu system?


Been real excited about this ever since it was first rumoured. A combination touchscreen phone / camera / mp3 player etc with a 1ghz CPU and PSP-GO style slide out controls! Phones have long been powerful enough to run alot of emus, but only offered touchscreen or keyboard control schemes, the slide out controls are what make this so exciting:

Exclusive: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (PlayStation Phone) preview – Engadget

Now the system specs are:
Adreno 205 GPU
512MB of RAM
and it runs the Android Gingerbread OS, for which there are already a load of emulators written (they use two right off the bat in the preview video above), this also means you wont have to hack this like the PSP to get it to run emus and other programs.
The Emus in the video run a little slow, but perhaps they are not optimised for this hardware yet, also I’ve been looking at other videos of emus (CPS 1&2, Neo etc) on Android OS, and they run slow also, tho on less powerful phones. So my question is, with these specs, what systems will this phone potentialy be able to run at full speed?
CPS1? CPS2? Neo? GBA? Midway Motal Kombat Hardware? CPS3? PSX?


Oh man I didn’t know about this! I’m gonna have to change phones now. BTW Pleast tell me there are 2 more buttons.


Yeah there are two shoulder buttons also, snes / psp style.


You’re not seriously going to play a fighting game on a phone, are you? Good luck playing that on GGPO bro.


I sure as fuck am…


at frijoles, its not even been officialy announced yet, but it is susposedly being revealed at this event:
Mobile World Congress 2011 Overview | Worldwide Mobile Industry Trade Show
Hopefully they will give a date and price then,


Officialy announced today on Sony Ericson’s facebook page.


my next phone.