XP's True Successor: The Windows 7 Thread

as someone that never saw the problem with vista, i’m in no real rush to upgrade to 7, although i am thinking of getting a netbook that i’d prob load 7 onto.

7 shits on everything. Free.

Ah, I see… Well that sounds like a whole load of BS…

It wasnt even the fact that it’s there, it’s that microsoft decided THAT would be the feature to highlight in a tv ad.

Windows 7: Almost as good as the first version of OSX

Nope, [media=youtube]RTUZkiDCYpc"[/media] is free. :tup:

Windows key + Tab = holy shit impresses the women.

I’m getting mines tomorrow and can’t wait to install it on my laptop. No more vista for me.

Question. How did you install Windows 7 on a netbook, especially since you have no CD drive? I just recently bought a netbook and want to install Windows 7 on it but I want to create two partitions before installation.

I’ve had it for the last 2 months, been impressed with it. Its VERY stable; i’ve thrown everything at it and it keeps on trucking. My Media Center is slow though…don’t know if thats the 360 or Windows.

Install over network.

At least I think you can do that for OSs

You can also install the download version via a usb drive.

^Yeah. I’m more than likely going to do that for my Netbook. How I’d LOVE for my netbook to have Win7, because XP is just boring now…=/

I’m building a new rig in December, so hopefully I’ll have it by than.

I have had windows 7 for a month now. Its is pretty good. Much better than Vista. It is more user friendly.

Cleanest, quickest install of an OS ive ever had

Wiped me old 32x XP clean, installed a fresh x64, ready to go in less than an hour, had all the right drivers good to go except for video card, it had some, but they werent the latest… probably just the latest certified copy, still
drivers are the worst shit of a new os, and this took all that worry out for me, ilu 7

I rate it a What vista should have been/10. I’ve been on the beta since early this year and I got the full retail about a month ago and haven’t looked back since.

It’s highly system dependent. It’s fast though even on a 1GB machine.


That could actually be done in Vista.

LANBOOT or Bootable USB Drive.

I’m not sure how many of you actually cared/signed up, but Microsoft offered Windows 7 for free through their House Party promotion. I was quick to jump on there. I, myself, have been using Windows 7 since the RC some time back in May. I haven’t been back on XP since.

It’s time for XP to be laid to rest.

Man, I haven’t be able to use XP for years now :stuck_out_tongue:

Really old computers with crappy resources aside, I don’t really get all the praise for 7 all of a sudden. Honestly, it’s very very very similar to Vista. The taskbar is different, and then a bunch of small features that people may or may not use.

I like the new taskbar personally. And this virtual XP environment thing is neat too.

More stable than Vista, better management of resources, more compatibility with hardware and software, a better interface.

I got my copy of Windows 7 Ultimate for free of course, so it was an easy choice for me. I’m really enjoying it so far.

As someone who couldn’t stand Vista (and passed on it), I look forward to GG’ing XP.

The RC ran great.

Building a new machine in a few days. Hello 7!