XP's True Successor: The Windows 7 Thread

make your win7 an iso, google daemon tools, dl, install, then use the program to make a virtual cd/dvd drive and run the iso.

Critically it is a Windows OS that has DX10 but without the huge performance and compatibility pitfalls that Vista had. Best Windows OS I’ve used.

Windows 7 is beastly. Best thing is, I got mine absolutely free, since the clowns at Amazon where I pre-ordered sent my order to my old address, they refunded me instead of shipping me a new copy like I asked them to. So I took the refund, went to my old apartment, and the person living there handed me my box and I went about my business. :rofl:


At work we have installed Windows 7 on a bunch of machines; on some, mostly HPs you still need to download drivers. My work machine has an internal speaker, to which W7 install some driver to recognize it was there, but no sound was coming out of it. Had to hit up HP website and get the “real” driver for it and it works.

Can someone list me the required specs really quickly? I found differing lists so I’m not sure what to trust.

Just run the Upgrade Advisor, it will tell you if you can run 7 or not.


I updated to 7 from XP this weekend. It was a hassle, as OS upgrades always are, but I am pretty pleased with it so far.


Windows 7 has DX11… :bgrin:

He was probably talking about an OS that has DX10 incorporated, period.

So would that mean when it comes to needing to reformat my PC? Wouldn’t that be equivelant to a clean install from fresh? Or would it literally be a case of me using my Vista back-up discs to restore Vista and then running Upgrade again? I still don’t really get what the difference is…

Probably that Realtek shit.

Yeah, that’s basically it. If you formatted your PC and you have the full version of Vista and the Windows 7 upgrade disc, you have to install Vista first, then Windows 7. Or you could use the full version of Windows 7 and skip the Vista disc entirely.

Basically, get the upgrade version to save yourself some money, but don’t throw away any XP/Vista disc you have, because you’ll need it if you ever format your PC.

Been using it for a month thanks to MSDNAA. I completely skipped vista so I’m happy to finally upgrade from xp. Best OS I ever used. :tup:

Must depend on the disc. I made a bootable ISO from that $30 Windows 7 deal for students, and I reformatted and did a clean install fine. It was pretty much my only option since I already had the RC installed and couldn’t upgrade it.

You guys know what the deal with some bundles coming with 64bit instead of 32bit? Aside from having over 4gb of ram I am not sure what the deal is.

gives a pretty good rundown

Yeah I figured but my main concern is for the more casual pc user. I don’t want to get my sister a 64bit system only find out her random peripherals won’t work. Just random shit like that would be a deal breaker.

I’m loving the W7 so far. Its visually stunning and simpler to navigate imo. The only thing that bothers me same setting options from vista.

I haven’t tried XP mode yet. I would try if I knew how to change it to XP mode.

XP mode is only in Professional and Ultimate as far as I know… Try searching for Virtual Windows XP, you might find it that way if you have it…

I bought Windows 7 Home Premium on Amazon when it was 50 but I am just gonna sell that on ebay now since I can get 7 Professional for 30. Just need to move all my info on a hard drive and clean it up, blah blah blah.