XP's True Successor: The Windows 7 Thread

So, who got it? Like it? Hate it? On the fence about it?

I got Home Premium today, and I think it’s pretty slick. It runs well on my PC. I like the taskbar preview, as it makes viewing multiple windows easy. The windows transition smoothly, but I imagine the experience is weaker if you have a slower PC.

I upgraded from XP; I was under the impression that I was going to lose all my files, and I backed up my stuff just in case, but it seems that all my files were retained. You do have to reinstall your programs though. So far, I haven’t come across any compatibility issues. The oldest program I have on my hard drive is ZSNES, and that still seems to work. The only thing I noticed is that my printer is missing, so there might be an issue there. I’m about to check for updated drivers. The nice thing about Windows 7 is that you get a 32-bit disc and a 64-bit disc, so you won’t get screwed over if there’s some hardware/software compatibility problems.

Any other experiences with Windows 7?

XP Mode is probably one of the most impressive features I’ve seen in a Microsoft OS for quite a while… It’s just a shame it’s only included in Professional and Ultimate as it’s something I wouldn’t mind having. Just can’t afford the price tag right now…

A somewhat negative experience:

I wanted to OC my FSB to 533MHz, but then Win7 refuses to pick up my graphics card. I’ve tried upping the vNB, but to no avail.

Other than that, it’s great. I’m running 64-bit Ultimate Signature Edition right now. =D

So, a couple of questions here…

What’s the difference between upgrade and full versions? Obviously I understand one is an upgrade to a previous OS, like XP and Vista, but I don’t understand where it differs when compared to a full version. Can I use a full version on multiple PCs?

Also, what’s the difference between Windows 7 standard and Windows 7 N?

The full version is for when you install the OS on a PC that doesn’t have an OS, and you don’t have an older OS disc lying around. No idea what windows 7 N is…

Got it on release. It’s very wierd not having to install drivers.

Knew what to expect from the beta, but I’m loving it so far.

I doubt you could spread it over multiple computers. If it’s anything like XP, you’ll have to authenticate it within thirty days, and if you’ve made significant changes to your hardware, you’ll have to re-authenticate it afterward. This lets Microsoft keep tabs on where the software is being used, and prevents… well, it being installed on multiple computers.

as a mac user, i thought it was hilarious in the tv ad i watched about the guy who was so enthusiastic that the OS allowed him to drag a document off to the side and then it automatically snapped two docs divided evenly in the middle of the sceen. Not only is this incredibly stupid but i can only guess how annoying it is in practice having this happen all the time when you dont want it to.

That’s Microsoft… holding your hand as it walks you out into the middle of traffic. I don’t suppose you’ve ever used Word, have you? It’s a pure auto-edit nightmare. At least they had the good sense to ditch that horrible paper clip once and for all.

Loving Windows 7.

Hell, I know someone who has a little 933MHz Netbook with 2GB RAM, and only a 16GB SSD. Originally, it had XP, and it was alright, but when he loaded Win7 on it, 7 actually ran BETTER on the thing.

I’m stuck with '07 here at work, but do have a contraband copy of Open Office installed for personal stuff. The ribbon bar in '07 makes me wanna vomit every time I’m trying to find something. But meh, it’s a damn word processor. Who cares.

I’m on Vista Ultimate right now, I don’t have to format when it comes to upgrading to 7?

So, is it a fact that 7 runs faster than XP and uses less RAM?

Windows 7 N is a special European version that can only be bought from the Microsoft Store website. There’s an “N” version of every Windows 7 edition, and they are exactly like the regular editions except they don’t have windows media player pre-loaded in the OS (something about a European anti-trust suit that requires Microsoft to sell a media player-less version in that region).

Indeed, I spent about five minutes looking for file > print, in the end I just pressed ctrl+p. Fair enough, I should know the short cuts, but seriously? I couldn’t find it for the life of me…

Not for Vista, but for XP, yeah, that shit’s gotta come off.

They have that crap on the Uni comp, I did the same thing, just ctrl+P.

What pissed me off the most is that I had to download added crap so that I could open files on my home computer.

I guess it’s good that I was too broke to get a laptop as when I get one windows 7 should come with it right?

Fuck, well I’m not formatting then unless I really want to upgrade.

edit - misread haha. But yeah, some versions of Vista can upgrade to 7. Hmmm…

I’ve been runnin’ on the Win7 Ultimate RC for a few months now. As one who loathed Vista, this one is welcome. I’ll probably scoop it up officially before the RC dies out on me (March IIRC).

Loving it right now and im just using the RC version waiting on my ultimate version to come in too get that running.