XSF EVO is here! Download the James Chen trailer now!

Here it is!

X-Men vs Street Fighter Unofficial EVO Championship!

$5 to enter. Infinites allowed. Players trying the double characters code will get one try per match.

In the BYOC.

Signups start friday morning, at 9am and end at 12pm.

12 pm to 1 pm, pools will be determined.

Then players will be given a time to come and compete in their pools. The two players with the most points will advance to bracket play on Saturday. Time on Saturday TBD.

Brackets will be losers and winners, with semis and losers finals being 3/4 and Grand Finals being 4/7.

Pot will be split 70/20/10. I will NOT be taking a cut for expenses. All the entry fee goes into the pot. There will also be prizes which include:

Udon’s Street Fighter comic issues 1-13!!
Toy Biz X-Men action figures!
X-Men X-Tinction Agenda Trade Paperback signed by Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee!
Sota Street Fighter action figures!!

And the rare Golden Head of Apocalypse Trophy!!

The tournament will be run on a pair of Cigarbob sticks, with a Supergun made by Hellfromabove and MAS. XvSF will be on free play during signups.

To relive the action of 2005 and get a taste of what to expect, please download the trailer by Video Master JAMES CHEN!!


See you all in Vegas!!


NOTE: Since I did win XSF EVO last year, and won Socal’s XSF Ranbat series, I will be placing myself directly into semis. I consider that equivalent to qualifying at EVO West.

All right, I’ll enter…but only because you look like Freddie Prinze Jr…:lovin:

i’m there… help me run alpha 3 too vic? see you at evo and in your dreams buddy


You’re wonderful. And I owe you a drink.


I’m down to help with A3 if I can, but XSF is going to be my main focus.


Vic you know I’m down. Can’t fucking wait.

vic, you know im taking back the crown right? cuz you know, its gotta stay in AZ4LYFE!

man that trailer is HYPE! big ups to james chen on that dope hookup! man i forgot i landed some good fsd comboes in that tourney lol…

Sweet news man. For sure, I knew you’d be there.

Hey man, let’s make sure you get some practice in okay? And wait until you see the trophy. It’s very cool. But in the end of it all, like always, we need to have a showdown.

i love u vic

i also brought my board if needed.

Sups vic. I’ll be bringing the classic Cyclops/Wolverine =)


I love you too:) Thanks for bringing your board. Check out the trailer if you can. But wait, are you already in Vegas?


Hey Roy! You’re going?! Sweet news man. Can’t wait to see you and OG Wolv/Cyke.



Only 1 left standing… dogface.

When is our first to 10 for a $100? Or is that equalivant to the winners grand finals match this year, TOP 2 SHOWDOWN AGAIN (if you can make top 2 this year >:-O !!!

PS. cryptasia and jimmyjomjom stole the crown, so we the trophy is what the winner will hold.


Do not forget the 0-4 comeback. First to ten is on! But first, we must join forces to face the world!!


Then, possibly, we will cross paths in finals. I’ll be waiting for you to make it out of your pool:)

man cant waiiiit. are we gonna have crowd noise, or any recording, cuz you know, the noise is muy importante.

Of course SabrE!!

All the footage will be from a handheld though. I couldn’t get direct feed this year:( But still, we will have camera capturing all the XSF madness.

BTW, did you see your Wolv/Charlie in the trailer?


wasnt like almost half that trailer me, and the other half you? i saw me getting owned too much in the end by thomas’ chun. i didnt like that, thats video skipping material. hahaha

i wonder if i should play?

i want a peice of sabres charlie

and i wanna peice of that storm, that whore! =)

first beat my other whores, chun and rogue >:-()

i guess ill be facing up against A LOT of s.short barrages from rogue then. that move is retardedly too good. it’ll be interesting