XSF EVO is here! Download the James Chen trailer now!

i got money on my boy R2J!!! Wesstttsiddeeee

i got money on my boy R2J!!! Wesstttsiddeeee


You know you want to play. Let me know friday okay:)


Shiznet Now I’m even more sad I can’t come :sad: But good luck to every one on that tournament.

Nice trailler also. I must know who is that Chun-li? I wanna see that lk dash infinite live cause thats some hype shit.

Storm/White alpha Chun-li FTW:rock:

Ima hella play so dogface can own me, <3 vic

yeah i got in vegas on tuesday and luckily they let my board across customs.

Low blow bro, low blow.

The entire trailer is my Sabretooth/Juggernaut team getting raped by Magneto. You could have edited that shit out. But the music was top tier so I guess it might squeak into my top 10 game-related videos of all time.

#1 is still the Top Haters promo vid.

I should be in Vegas around 4 so I’ll see you scrubs at Red Rock.

DSP I like your chun-li betta beast that shit up =p.

yo danny i have no idea what you are talking about, did james really steal that shit? last time i saw it it was on your head

thats thomas aka aznpulse aka top 3 last year chun li.

you have to see vics chun… wooooooooooooweeeeeeeeeeee

Good stuff hope his chuns crazy as shit. :tup:

I’m gonna enter, i’m probably gonna get beat BUT at least i got beat by the best…ken and chun here.

p.s. R2J enter, there is no running at evo LOL!!!

R2J: You should enter! I haven’t played anyone in this game since last EVO and I don’t consider kaillera as playing anyone. I hope to learn a lot from everyone. Don’t hold back!

alright! i’ll enter in the a.m. wish me luck yall!! =)
see you guys there!

Vic, it was nice actually conversating with you this year. I know we’ve probably glanced at each other in the past tournaments, but this time around, you, sabre, and I kicked it and it was mad chill.

Let’s get the crew together next year and party and play more broken ass games!

All I have to say now is… I hate you Storm!!!

Did the tornament ever finish and vic retain the title?

I believe they splitted the pot three ways.

Results are posted!