Xsk the manurai

Yo people. I just wanted to let people out there know about the super dopeness that is xsk Samurai. He’s a really good Ryu player who has a blog dedicated to talking about his gaming experiences, viewpoints on gaming, and helping people (and he’s really nice!). He’s got quite a bit of knowledge about sf, with Ryu specifically. He plans on pursuing gaming as a career and I thought that getting more followers for his blog could help him get known more, plus it could help the fighting game community get better (especially you Ryu players!)

He is totally willing to help, as you can see from his blog, here- http://xsksamuraiblog.blogspot.com/

IMO it would be nice to not blow him up with questions like how to crouch tech, but he’s so nice he’d probably help you with that too. In case you dont know who he is, here are a couple good matches of his.

Here’s him putting Alex Valle and Justin Wong in the losers bracket at SBO quals- (starts at 7:20)[media=youtube]ZL5X8DZA10c[/media]
Here’s a match against RF, one of the best Sagats- [media=youtube]zK7VC28vmUQ[/media]
and here’s him taking some money from Alex the Valle in a ft3- [media=youtube]ZBkF-mFwKXM[/media]

Blow him up. Ask questions. Join his blog. Get this dude sponsored yo! Oh, and keep playing Ryu. He’s tight.

I like to be “the devil’s advocate” in threads like this. He plays a good ryu but there so many good ryus out there why does this guy deserve a sponsor?
There a lot of good players and players that want to “pursue a gaming career” which is Very hard and also why he a player that stands out for you as you posted this for him? ( or your a sneaky so and so and actually you are Xsk Samurai :stuck_out_tongue: ) Also that all old footage also where his results? Sponsors like winner ( aka they make more money if you come 1st then 2nd ) and Air`s Ryu blog is much better.

Remember am only the Devil`s advocate here so its not a personal attack on him or you. Just trying to make you think and also hopefully a good reply! :slight_smile:

Hahaha. Please be devil’s advocate. Thinking and discussion is not a bad thing.
On your first comment, regarding many good Ryu’s, I would have to disagree. I do not know of that many good Ryu’s. In fact, I think that good Ryu’s are few and far between. Who do we have? Valle, Daigo, Xsk, Naruo, Air, Laugh, Choi, maybe Ryan Hart ( I can’t tell if I just dont like his Ryu, or if it’s not that good.) . . . .Who else has a top tier Ryu?

-Why does this guy deserve a sponsor? IMO, he has better footsies than most of the people on the list (I know footsies isn’t everything, but it’s cool). He has outstanding character as far as helping people, which answers part of your next question. Not only is he quite good, but his character made an impression on me when I met him on vacation in California. He came over to my grandma’s house and scraaaaaaaaaped me, but he was really nice and was totally willing to help. The gaming scene needs more people like that at tournaments, and in the scene. He’s good, he’s cool, and I’d like to see him be successful.

-On another note, I think his character reflects the professionalism that a sponsor would like to have them represent. He’s not gonna go causing trouble like some other people. He would do what he could to represent a company.

-The footage isn’t that old is it? Canada cup was only a couple months ago and sbo quals were less than 6 months ago. Where are his results? He does well, but also goes to school and works, so he probably doesn’t have that many results right now.

-Yes Air’s blog is more in depth. From what I remember, Air trained (s) with Xsk. Air has more followers, and maybe more pressure to keep an updated blog. Does Air take questions though? Xsk does. And he is good at explaining things, so that’s nice.

I hope that was a decent enough reply for you. If there’s anything else I can try to clear up, please let me know.

uh no anyone can get sponsored

What’s up with this thread people? I get the jist that people want help with Ryu, but when I say that there is a guy with lots of top tier Ryu knowledge AND he’s willing to help, no one seems to be jumpin on it. Is there something that I’m missing?

this guy’s Ryu is sick. Any recent matches from him Taiga ?

I have talked to him before,nice guy.Might see if I can get some games with him or something.

Yes there are new matches. I’ll post em up soon. It’s 4am here.

Yep. He’s tight and would be down to play if he has time. He blew me up today on 2 hr’s sleep.

This guy is so underrated is not even fun, one of the best ryus out there imo.

Does anybody have a link to the XSK vs Tokido match at Canada Cup?

Here. It’s a little below halfway down the page.

You can control + f xsksamurai.

That is one of my favorite matches to watch.

flippin hell!!! this guy looks exceptional. He just rushed down tokido and won! This guy doesnt get enough credit. He used c.mp, standing fp xx fireball whilst Akuma was blocking. Never seen anybody use that block string before as frame trap.

Ryu, RYU!!! well I guess there is no harm in learning from him, he should attend tourneys and win. thats the best ways to attract sponsorship.

Why doesnt he just join this forum and chat to other ryu players like the rest of us? That blog of his is good, but it is not comparable to this forum which receives input from thousands of players. I remember a couple of years ago, a forummer: Aks216 provided really good stuff on ryu, havent seen him and heard from him in a while. It would be good to have a top tier ryu on this forum. I think there are alot of very good ryu’s on here, but wouldnt it be great if we had the likes of Valle, Air and XSK on this form?

Good question. I’ll ask him.

I f I were to guess, I’d say that he’s not going to look through the forums for questions, when ppl can just go to his blog. Also, it’s his blog and he has more control over that then these forums. I’ll ask him though.


ultimately tho, winning tournaments is the only sure way of getting the necessary exposure to win sponsorship. If he plays top opponents more often either casuals or tournies and the videos get uploaded onto youtube, he will gain significant exposure. Considering how good he is, I’m suprised I’ve only just heard of him. All this depends on how much time he has to put towards tournies, but I’m sure there are other pro fighters with families + jobs who still manage to make it to tournies.

If he has vids of endless matches etc. with good opponents, ask him to upload them on to youtube and stick the links in the vids section.

I’m not sure I agree with the first comment. Plenty of people are sponsored and have not won tournaments. Also, there are plenty of people who have won tournaments who are not sponsored. Regarding you not hearing of him till now, that sometimes happens. I’m not sure why. He may be kind of quiet and therefore not talked about as much? Not making as much of an impression? I’m just guessing. Here is a vid of an endless with him though.

Ok, sir. Here is what he said.
[LEFT]"I’ve actually went ahead and reached out to srk players. It’s just I directed them to my blog for the reasons you had already mentioned above. I have more control over how I can answer the questions.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]I can do the same on srk, but it could easily get lost in the number of posts and threads there are. On my blog, I can keep records of questions and answers as well as create a personal travel journal for others to read.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]The blog is also a way to track my progress and achievements. I could do it on SRK but it would be disorganized.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Also, I don’t see why going directly to the person (whether it be more or other Ryu players) and asking for help is not an option. I’m not asking for an hourly rate. So ask away. I’ll do my best to analyze and answer questions to the best of my ability. [/LEFT]



[LEFT]Ah and I just read one of the guys post about the cr.MP xx st.HP xx fireball frame trap. It’s actually a frame trap/OS select trade Ultra. What happens is that if Tokido had pressed a button during my st.HP frame trap and it traded, I can reaction ultra (or follow up with another combo) since he’s in so much hit stun. Pretty cool huh?"[/LEFT]

thanks for replying back to me about the c.mp, st.hp frame trap, I’d never seen it before so its definately new tech for me (and prob other ryu players). I’ve bookmarked his blog and will check it out.