Xtension sit down pro cabinet questions


Hey guys. Been looking into this cabinet for my modded orginal xbox and need to know a few things.

Can the control board be used with the original Xbox? If not, can it be modded somehow to use with og Xbox?

How is the control panel compared to the x arcade stick?



That panel uses ps360 pcb’s, so with the right cables (rj45 to xbox, unless I’m remembering wrong and you can simply use usb on the og xbox), it will work on xbox- the boards are compatible. Levers are sanwa jlf with what I believe are longer shafts to accommodate the mounting depth. Buttons are going to be .187" switch style, don’t know about their quality, but you can push in 30mm Japanese buttons if they’re shitty. Based on all the information I’ve gathered (thanks largely to someone who bought one of their loaded panels and posted about it here), it is going to be vastly superior the the trash-tier x-arcade panel.


Thanks man. Is RJ45 easy to install? I never modded a stick in my life so I’m pretty clueless when it comes to this.


The ps360 already has a rj45 jack, it would simply be a matter of having/making the right cable to plug in. If the original Xbox can use usb, any usb cable would work.


OK, but Xbox doesnt use usb, Microsoft had to be annoying and choose a different plug at the end that looks like this…

Its technically a USB cable though…


You’ll have to take a cable from an OG XBox controller and crimp it to an RJ45.