XTG Retrospective: Saturday, April 3rd, Never Forget

Our boy Nate will soon be leaving Washington. Come send him off properly this Saturday at my place in North Seattle. PM me if you need directions. I am not certain of a precise start time, since this all depends on how late I’m out for Friday night’s craziness. We could get shit going as an all Saturday thing, but I guarantee that doors will open at 6PM at the latest. Expect festivities to last into Sunday–as is always the case with my sessions.

Old ST and Marvel will be the main draws. I plan on having all SDTVs hooked up to DCs. But I only have 2 Jap sticks (if Pablo and Julian return my stuff), 2 American (if Kuenai brings 1 back), and 3 PSX => DC converters. I might be mean and force HDR enthusiasts to play on the projection HDTV that has no sound–serve’s them right for betraying the cause.

I still remember the first time that Josh brought Nate to Preppy’s. This fat dude parked himself on the stool and FABed people all night long on the ST cab. Upon knockdown, he would l. jab tick people into SPD’s. I thought, “That’s fucking broke and stupid.” Still, he was a sociable guy.

Four months later, at my first ST tournament, we faced off in the grand finals. Nate proceeded to crush me 4-0, using his Geif against my Claw. At this point, I’m like, “Gief is hella buff.” As I grew to understand the mechanics and match-ups for ST, slowly I realized that Geif will always have an uphill battle. Geif wasn’t buff, Nate just knew how to handle his shit!

This was one of the guys who helped form the Seattle ST community in 2007. Top cut EVO 2007 (Falling to Itazan), and highest placing Geif for the last 2 years when EVO held ST. Winner of our 1st ST ranking league back in 2007. A pillar of our community. Come see him off right.

Sorry for the late announcement. This time, the fault can squarely be placed on Pablo and Blake. Fucking minorities, holding shit up for responsible people.


I might just bomb on somebody if I see an SFIV set up. I am getting real fucking angry just thinking about it. That someone would show up thinking they could sneak that horrible ass game in. Don’t try it or the Virgin Mary will be crying blood.

I want to be at this, please PM me Kieth


Edit: Keith, could you PM me directions? I have plans for Saturday night, but I’d at least like to stop by and say hello.

i will be there

if i can find my psx > dc converter i’ll bring it with my stick

i could also bring a monitor, ps3 + one stick, hdr classic mode??

This is going to be extraordinarily difficult. Just seeing this thread has already given me a good emotional punch in the gut.

Pablo has disappointed me yet again. He has failed to supply us with the HRAP2 that he pledged. He can still make it up to us by bringing it on Saturday when doors open along with a Marvel setup (read: 2 MAS sticks and a bazillion converters) as usual, plus getting sauced, driving my Prism into a ditch, and then getting his insurance to pay me 50x the blue book value.

Directions sent to those who requested it.

I’ve got some vodka, some gin, and $130 in Crown Royal. Perhaps I should have stocked more. But I expect that after I knock Pablo out and Mike avenges him by socking me in the face, I won’t be feeling a damned thing.

Marvel. Get hype. SFIV, leave that shit at the door.

I’ve got a pristine HRAP3 still in the display box, which is still in the amazon shipping box. So that should make a single EVO approved setup.

I would be down to whoop on Axel in Remix because otherwise he doesn’t stand a chance.

I have not been house much in the last 5 months. This is in part due to holding 3 jobs, but mostly because I’m a lazy bum. I now gaze upon the heap that is my home. My resolution is to go out and not deal with it. With any luck, the mess will be gone when I return. Fuck it, those who know me know what to expect.

Poor Brian Ma. I was just speaking to the guy. He was still reeling from Sean Michaels’ retirement. Now he finds out that the man who inspired him to play Geif in ST is leaving the state. He didn’t want the last memory of Nate to be of the fat man sprawled out on my floor after being power-bombed at Thanksgiving. Brian works at a religious school. He’s clocking in on Saturday night AND Sunday morning due to Easter festivities, and yet he will try to find time to drop in on Saturday night to shake Nate’s hand.

That’s how much this guy means to us. So if you don’t show up, you’re pretty much worthless in my book.

^keith…I should be able to show up…I’ve been to your place once but if you could PM me your address that’d be awesome…

jesus christ you are my hero hahahahahaha. where do you buy your liquor? i bought a half gallon of crown last week cuz the fifths were 29 but the half gals were 55 and you get a few extra shots

I’m buying a pack of MiniDV tapes for this. I want anyone and everyone to talk to my camera with final sendoff message. Make it as long as ya want. I won’t look at them until I touch down in Texas. I want memories of my time up here to last. Or I could make a YouTube channel.

PMs sent to those who asked for directions. Know that once I’m immersed in either Marvel or drinking, I probably will not answer my phone. So Google Maps ahead of time would be a smart bet. Those of you looking to game at the earliest possible will want to keep an eye on this thread. Doors open Saturday by 6PM at the latest, but may very well get under way by noon.

I get my liquor from the Northgate branch. Half gallons of Crown were indeed just under $60, so two of them plus tax came to about $130.

Nate mentioned that he was a fan of Heineken. But I might not get another chance to hit up a grocery store before tomorrow. So if you’re looking to bring something, feel free to grab some green bottles. Though I’m sure we have more than enough of the hard stuff to make him giggle like silly.

Nate was the first guy I met, and got me in the gaming scene. I had been living in Seattle for 3 years, and had no idea that people still played street fighter. I pretty much totally forgot about ST after moving here from Tokyo. I randomly posted on SRK, and IceNine put me in contact with this forum (thanks again IceNine), and I posted some random thread about meeting people. Nate was gracious enough to invite this complete stranger to his house, and I played him and Blake for several hours with my atrocious rusty Balrog. Thanks to Nate I got to be part of this great community.

PMs sent to those who asked for directions. I hope to post later today when doors open. But I might be too drunk by then. So if people do not hear from me again by 6PM today, assume that shit is under way.

hey keith i can bring a dc, my nasty mas, my green goblin, and the rest of my half gal of crown from last week but i dont get off work til 11:30 so if you can text me directions from downtown or i-5 north thatd be tight.

i think you have my number but if not its 206-853-5311

maybe ill just bring a heineken mini keg cuz theyre tight

Jacob, PM sent with directions. I do not send text messages. So if we don’t hear from you, I’ll have someone else text you the directions. We’ll probably be gaming until 1PM on Sunday as usual, so feel free to drop in whenever.

Mind if I come through? I’d like to get some more games in with Nate’s gief before he peaces out.

I’ll be there around 11:30~12:00 pm~am-ish.

Can I get dibs in a room? I have to be at work at 11am tomorrow so yeah, this should make for an interesting night.