XTG's pad is available for free for all

no one here but me and my turtle, i got 2 TV’s, and im really bored. I may even drink later today. 714-350-0797 to reach me, but excuse me im do sound slurred depending on what time you call.

PS i now have my Dreamcast shit with me so…

PSS oh yeah… 14650 NE 32nd St #A7 Bellevue, WA 98007 Bellevue Manor Condominiums

PPSS someone bring PS2 with games and a Modded Xbox, should round things nicely

How late would games be going on? Do you have work or other obligations in the morning? I ask because I’d love to game, but I’m scheduled to be with friends until late into the evening.

just come on over, im not even worried about shit right now.

Dang I’d come out but I"m not feelin’ ridin’ buses todae. 3 others and I’ll probably be doin games at my place.

Oy, just kicked some people out. Gonna clean up a bit. Are games still going on? Anyone over there? I’ll call you when I’ve straightened out the mess here. Hopefully, you’re not asleep yet. I’ll check here on SRK before calling, just in case you have anything to add. If it’s too late for games, that’s cool. Perhaps next time.

Edit: Never mind. It’s 2:45, and I’m not in the mood to drive. It’s not so much the trip southeast, but the drive back that seems daunting. Hopefully, there will be more games later in the week. Sorry if I built up your expectations.

I may be up for coming over late tonight (Sept 18th)

Wait, is this going on today/tonight too? If so, when is your house open for gaming?

3pm onward

Damn I am busy as hell, I could go for some World Heroes II action. That shit was getting serious last time.

just come over when you stop being busy

Nate, PM me an address, please. I’d like to attend. How’s the parking like around there? Need me to bring any systems or anything else?

address in first post, bring whatever :slight_smile: since its daytime, parking is ok

Is there a lot, or should I go for on street parking? The satellite images show lots to the north of 32nd street, are those reserved spaces? Do you know? I should meander on over in a couple hours.

Want Chinese dumplings? I can bring a few hundred over if you’ve got an appetite. That’s not a homosexual euphemism, BTW.

there is a lot by my building and another lot on 34th for when the Visitor’s parking on 32nd is full. no street parking available. lots consist of both Visitor and Reserved parking spaces.

Cool, see you in a while.

What’s with Chinese and their dumplings. I have had many asian friends call me to ask if I want dumplings, because they happen to have 300 or so on hand.

Instead of doing potlucks for work gatherings or making pizza together in middle school, Chinese people get together to wrap dumplings. It’s a social thing. We don’t really do it for the food, it’s just an excuse to get together, get drunk, and talk politics. And since I have a large home compared to friends of my age group, they often do it here. I freeze all of the left overs, so that’s like 50~150 each time. With 2 or 3 gatherings a week at times, they pile up. They’re good, but I’ve got limited space in my freezer.

Hey Beasley, if you’re showing up, I’ll have the documentary that we talked about before. I brought it to Zach’s last time, but you took off before I could give it to ya.

I propose our next gaming gathering be at Keith’s, we can play Marvel against each other and eat dumplings. If you have any hot asian women around, I could lay all of them in one fell swoop.

Nate, I’m leaving within the half hour. Hopefully I’ll be able to find your place without too much trouble. Bringing Pablo’s T5 stick and may DC and PS2 just in case. But I don’t really have any PS2 fighting games, except the ghetto AE.

games still goin on, Pablo, Alex on their way

Julien will be here later