Xtokki 360 converter availability?


Decided to make another thread since my other thread regarding converters was beginning to go off topic.

eTokki website says it’ll be a couple weeks until their ps2-to-xbox360 converters get restocked. Are there any other places where I could pick one of these up? There’s a tournament that I want to go to at the end of the month, so I’m hoping to get one in time for that.


Even if eTokki has the adapters in stock, a tourney at the end of the month is too soon.
You have to restrict your search to your own country.


Do a google search for PS&PS2 to 360 converter most are unknown company’s, just make sure its the Tinybee converter it does not say tinybee when searching but there is a picture of a tiny bee in the left comer of the packaging.


I ordered mine from a unknown sourse before Ettoki even carried them and I had no trouble it take a while to receive them though.


The pattern for the past 3 years, seems like about 1 month before EVO, everything arcade stick related, converters, dual modding parts, joysticks and buttons run out of stock.


Magnificent. I’ve tried searching on ebay for something, but I really don’t know what’s worth it and what isn’t.


X-Gaming resells the Ettoki adpater. Looks like there are plenty in stock too.


what you smoking chief looks like there sold out


lol. Apparently the good shit: I see the tiny text now that says “Out of Stock”. :smiley: