XTS gamepad doubt


Hello srk lovers, i want to ask a little of your time… i was looking accessories on DX and i saw a wired and “original oem” xts gamepad on sale… looking the pictures i was wondering about the pcb on side of this… looking at slagcoin site i was able to see that any of the two versions recognized as “early” and “late” match with this one:

So… anyone know anything about this gamepad (the comments on DX says that is the “real thing”)? it will has universal ground to make a dual mod??

Thanks a lot for now!


just ordered one, but I don’t know how to recognize whether its early or late version.


MMM when it arrives can you open it and take a good quality picture of the inside PCB??.. you can check the back of the gamepad to see if coincides with the posted for slagcoin on his site, thanks!


RDC on xbox-scene.com has mapped out the PCBs of all of the official XBox pads. Take a look over there… that’s what I used to pad-hack my late 360 wireless gamepad (common ground).


yup, sure thing. That’s probably the first thing I’ll do when I get it. Mainly because I want to know that it is legit and not some crappy fake knockoff


Thanks! (i probably will buying a xts at the end of the month, so i will need a wired gamepa to make a dual mod foe my “zoro” arcade stick)


Hey, did you receive the gamepad??


I just received it today.

  1. the pad came in a wireless gamepad box (wtf???) and the instructions and everything were for the wireless controller. I guess the item listed did say OEM, but then it probably should have come in a cardboard box???

  2. the back of the pad corresponds to the old version of the microsoft pad. I think it’s the good ol’ 6 different ground version.

  3. haven’t opened it up yet. will do later today after I get back from school.

  4. great price and free shipping. I’m pretty glad with what I got. (hopefully, the pcb won’t be some knockoff, but even if it is, I think I’ll still be satisfied.


the pics

Here are the pics. The lighting wasn’t very good, but hey I ain’t gonna wait till morning to take these pics on my crappy cam.