Xuan dou zhi wang NA players


since the game is in chinese and the server is in China. ppl like me who live in NA needs to find somebody who also live in NA to play, so i make this thread to gather the players. please live your game tag here, so we can add friend and play to each other.

game tag: tofusoup
server: 电信


gamer tag:Princemurphy
on both servers


Game tag: AmedoS310
server: XD


Gametag: SecretToEverybod (I couldn’t fit all the letters)
Server: XD


GamerTag: Shiosuke
Server: XD & Core


QQ/gametag: 1391278534
Server: XD

gametag: Courage
Server: Core


gamertag: RunningWild
Server: XD


user: Sparkster
server: XD


user: furntree
server: XD

US East


user: Demineon
server: XD


User: MikuruX
Server: XD
Location: US Southeast


User: Rick_Son

QQ ID is: 2784149640

Location: US Southeast