Xuandou Zhiwang, Chinese Free to Play fighting game (Currently in closed beta)


Just got linked to this somewhere else, and I was wondering if anyone knew more about this.

A lot of aesthetic aspects seem ripped off from KoF pretty hard, but the gameplay seems…competent? And for some reason the visuals intrigue me and I want to see them in full quality.

http://17173.tv.sohu.com/v/7/0/107/MTA3NjA3OA== Gameplay
http://17173.tv.sohu.com/v/7/0/107/MTA3NjA0MA== CG trailer

Any similar games?
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Lazy rendering. And why animation is “so poor”? Attacks looks like static pictures (but intros\win\idle poses looks very smooth).

King Of Combat (Xuan Dou Zhi Wang) A NEW F2P MMO Fighter!

While visual and character design not my liking i welcome more fighting games.



But real talk, I saw about 8 different KOF fighters between the character’s animations.


Strange? Nah, Looks interesting.

I’d like to try it out. :slight_smile:


Strange because it looks surprisingly good for a Chinese bootleg KoF.


I was running to here if someone know something but i guess we’re all with the same questions, i don’t know a shit about Chinese, just Japanese, we need help here guys!


I’m living in China, I’ll see if I can get some input from people, my Chinese sucks so I’m of no help, but I know people.

Honestly, this game looks good to me. I’d like to try it out myself.


Searching the game title in Chinese characters yielded some news articles on it, with character art and direct screens.

I like the designs, even if they’re cribbed pretty wholesale from KoF.


From what I can gather, here’s the name of the game:

Xuandou Zhiwang

Making sense of the title is not my forte:
Xuan - To boast
dou - Fight
Zhi - is like an ambiguous pronoun, so it can mean him/her/it
Wang - Monarch/King

So I would assume a paraphrased English translation of the title would be something like: Boastful Fighting King.


OMG guyz, look at our game it’s so STREET!
… I mean KING!
… shit, I think they noticed.


I agree that it looks like a LOT of borrowed concepts. And honestly, China is so hard up on KOF that I’m not surprised that the nation’s VG developers best attempt at a legit fighter title looks strikingly similar to KOF. The influence is there, but I think this game looks pretty good.

I say stop judging it on appearances. Most every new fighter out now is a clone of a clone now.


I think there’s a stark difference from a strong influence and nearly ripping another game’s aesthetics.

Also to me the sprites look very weird for some reason, but I can’t place my finger on it.


They seem to be pre-rendered cel shaded models, in the same vein of Chaos Breaker or Capoeira Fighter 3, albeit it looks like much higher quality and a nicer end result.


Is this PC? it seems so


Yes, definitely not an arcade release, and consoles are banned in China. PC for sure.


Ok, reading on the gameplay video, it is the first look at the demo version of the game, or beta, somewhere between demo and beta for sure.

A lot of the comments on Sohu say the same things we’re saying here: “Isn’t this a ripoff of KOF/SF?” “No way this can compete with KOF or be better than it.” “This isn’t KOF?” “This game is useless, nothing more than a clone”

Then you also got the people hyped for this game despite that, “Looks good, can’t wait.” “Looks like KOF, but very creative”

I think it may be developed by Tencent, pretty much a tech giant in China. Don’t know how easy it would be to get a copy for people outside of China, but I’ll keep my eye on this.


shit got real



Yep, produced by Tencent. Thanks for the link.

I want to pick up this title. I also think that if it’s produced by Tencent, that there will undoubtedly be online play available. I have never bought a game from them, and don’t know how their netplay works, so I cannot tell you any further. I’m sure it will be good for me being over here (Wabars will end up with this game, and hardcore players will have it on their home computers) to find matches, but outside of China? Up to you guys.


So this “Tencent” guys are some kind of social network? if so, if i’m a gringo/latin scum there is a problem with that? sounds like i will need some kind of subscription in order to play this right?, this will have a region-lock thing?