Xuandou Zhiwang, Chinese Free to Play fighting game (Currently in closed beta)


The developers could have tried a little harder not to make it -so- KOF…

but honest? I like the art style and character design. It has this trendy sort of vibe that’s neither too ‘anime’ nor too ‘western’, which is a pretty damn hard balance to achieve. Or am I just spouting bullcrap again?


Is it me or has anyone noticed they literally ripped the S4 League emblem for their timer?

I find it hilarious actually but oh well, it’s China…what can ya do? Anyway, putting that and the ripoff aspect aside, the game looks okay but I would rather like to see it more in action before I give a more definite opinion about this.


It look nice for a knock off…the main characters = Iori, Kyo, kula, athena, freeman and shen woo. I can also see a number of KOF/SNK characters (iori, kim, eiji, ash, andy, kaede, k’, kim dong hwan etc) animations and not to mention the KOF 98 stage:


Well they say the imitation is the best form of flattery…


Rip-off or not, the game looks quite good, it seems to play like a traditional fighter, it will probably be released on PC and Arcade only :frowning:

I really hope that games like this, Chaos Code and Aquapazza are released on PSN/XBAL


Dat plagiarism.


It’d be nice if, much like Chaos Code, ASW could scoop these guys up and give their game a chance to be played by more people. But I would wager the circumstances would be quite different here.


That would be the smart thing to do…sighs at the likelihood of that happening


As copycat as this game is, it looks like fun. I would play.


They say good men borrow and great men steal.
Though I ask what’s the thievery equivalent to “above-average” because this game breathes it.
I’d hype it up but I would feel dirty doing so.


I’d say it’s pretty safe once this game hits, gets leaked and pirated like no one’s business, you’d all be on it. I would.

I mean, why not return China favor? :wink:


Select screen



3/7, something happens


Some kind of signup

If anyone can read the main site and find out if it’s betaing soon or something, that would be great.


lol Mr.Karate (Ryo) and Akuma fusion!!


I found the stages revealed so far too, they’re nice


Ell Blue’s moveset


The new character and his son, SSJ Gohan



According to… Babelfish (lol) the Beta will be fully available for download on March 7 but i guess you need to buy a registration key in order to play…


The third stage reminds me alot of cvs2.


SSJ Ryo/Akuma and his son SSJ Rock howard looks cool though!



More like a blend of kof 94 Ikari stage, and 97 orochi stage.