Xuandou Zhiwang, Chinese Free to Play fighting game (Currently in closed beta)



More like a blend of kof 94 Ikari stage, and 97 orochi stage.





so… blue dude has Ash’s flash kick from KOF, and Hayatos magnetive shockwave super from MVC2. look at it close. Also big freaky dude plays almost exactly like Freeman from mark of the wolves. I bet the new character will play like Ryo. peh…

Edit: just saw the videos above, yeah he plays like ryo. lol.


“Shanwoo”? Really? Come on guys, at least put a bit of effort into your plagiarism.


I didn’t see any Ryo style…but I did see where he beat his opponent before time ran out…and the beaten fighter still had 30% or more health. Wtf?



It says “Winner” instead of “KO”, so I think it’s some mode or setting?


Original character, do not steal.


The new girl fights just like Kula lol. Character models are nice, but animations look stiff.


It’s so shameless in its ripoffs it’s almost impressive.


I think thats a trial. Do 10 hits combo or something.


Wait, maybe it’s just me being blind, but are they using 3D models? If so, it looks…really really good.


looks like everything is captured 3D, but is actually raster graphics so technically sprites. the first background looks amazing, rip off or not. looks like a cool game. definitely keeping it on my radar.


I don’t know why but the more I look at this game, the more I feel disgusted by the sheer amount of plagiarism that seeps from it.


For those that are curious, you need a QQ account set up to play. I’m not sure you can use the non IM portions of QQ if you aren’t in China.

If anyone wants any translation done on this, let me know.


Are you Chinese or live in China? the only real thing i want to know if the game has a regional lock for download it outside Chine.


Really the only way its similar to KoF is how most characters are wearing trendy clothes and are young men. And how the gameplay is fast paced with hops. But that’s not a bad thing.

Its not plagarism at all, but you can see influences.
Having a stage set in india is ripping off KoF? So KoF ripped off street fighter.
Having a flash kick rips off KoF? Flash kicks originated with guile as far as I know.
Having a big strong guy is unoriginal? I’m not certain but it seems someone said he’s ripping off Shen, okay I’ll give you that.
Having pink hair makes a girl into athena? There’s a lot of pink haired magical girls in fiction and its a whole trope so its not ripping off Athena’s latest design.
Its 2012 and there have been thousands of characters designs, barely anything is original anymore. We don’t even know how they play.

Still, this game looks good and I might try it if its avaliable on the internet.


I live in China.

It isn’t so much that it has a regional lock, you just need an account with the QQ/Tenacent game service. Unlike the IM software, I think you need a Chinese ID number to register.

I haven’t actually tried to register/download the game on account of a chronic fear of QQ and also the game looks like garbage.


yeah I wouldn’t call it plagiarism. It’s similar no doubt, but a lot of the stuff they “copied” is easy/simple/generic to create. like the ryu and ken fighting choreography, i don’t think it’d be hard to find that in like 60% of fighting animes. fighting style is similar to KoF and the attacks art style too. But none of that was all that unique to begin with. Unless you wanna say MeltyBlood is plagiarism too


You’ve clearly never played a KOF seriously.

Not only does ‘pink hair girl’ look like athena, her moveset is identical to athena. This game is a VERY blatant ripoff of KOF97, and it doesn’ t try to hide it. It has rolls, it has guard cancel blowbacks, it has 4 jumps, it has normal > command normal > special chains. Literally everything about it is KOF. The explosions of that K’ looking guy with the skull in it, Rugal much? It doesn’ t just look similar, it looks identical.

When trying to sign up for the Beta of this game, it asks you very specific questions about KOF97 before you get to play it. For promotion of the game they got the two Chinese KOF gods Dakou and Xiaohai to play each other.

Yes it’s a blatant ripoff, even by fighting game standards. And yes, some of it is even plagiarism (like the timer literally being copyrighted material being photoshopped into something else).

Do I care? Nope! I can’t wait to play an HD version of KOF97/98. It looks awesome as fuck.