XvS MvS MSH MvS UMK3 Tourney

When is the tournament??? May 20th to May 22nd 2006
Where is the tournament??? Edmonton Alberta Canada
Whats the prize??? $2000 Canadian

First off this is not some sort of gimmick to fool players. I am indeed hosting a tourney on the game listed, XvSF, and I am hoping to get these matches recorded and have them up on the net. The prize for first place is going to be $2000. I am hoping to have this tourney for May log (20th-22end. That should be far enough off so that as many people as possible can prepare to get here. And for those who do not have the funds, they’ll be able save up for it. The rules are going to be pretty simple:
Yes, there will be controller?s keyboards & sticks allowed with mapped buttons. (if you have a problem with this simply do not attend the tourney and please do not post here. all matches will be a best of 5 and finals will be a best of 7, if there are any more questions or suggestions for this tourney (non negative) please AIM me at Shiro dk420 and let me know thanks

For any one who wants to get cheap Air plane tickets i have went and dug around trying to find some wheres cheap for you guys who need them. im going to provied the web sight then some numbers for you guys to call.

USA: ! 877 478 8747
Australia: 131-600
Canada 1-877-478-8747
web sight www.flightcentre.com

Hotels inns ect.:
Coliseum Inn: (780) 471-1231. web site.

Jockey Motel 3604 - 118 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB
T5W 0Z5
web site. http://www.lights.com/edhotel/1/21.html

**PLayers who will be there 100% **
Shiro (edmonton)
Astral (edmonton)
Dark renagade (edmonton)
Cemantics (edmonton)
Cyber tech (edmonton)
Genima (edmonton)
xfordained (edmonton)
LiquidMetal X (ottawa)
James Jones (edmonton)
Josa (edmonton)
Sean jennings (edmonton)
Shumu (edmonton)
Molanic (edmonton)
Joker (toronto)
Toxy (aussi)
Lee (edmonton)
MJ (from edmonton)
J-rocker (edmoton)
umthrfkr (Don’t remember xp)
Wound eye (edmonton)

Players showing intrest in coming
Vic aka dog face
Sinaster cyclops
Rush down

More to come…

guess i’m in for xvs, and msh.

Xvs oviously, and mvc.

Xvs oviously, and mvc.

I can play I guess.

how much is canada willing to sponsor top players to fly down there? because some of us are really young and dont have much money.

depends on players

Yeah, Magnus Scrub, dogface, and I all want to know because we need to know how much were gonna have to save up. If you can get our tickets and housing that would be the best thing ever. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

P.S.: Who all is coming so far?

Hopefully everyone knows that this is a tournament at some place in canada and not on kailera.

Sounds like a great tournament. It’s too bad I don’t know how to play any of those games well.

May the Best Person Win

P.S.: You may want to edit the thread subject. You have MvS put up twice.

Actually you might want to edit it to say: XvS MvC MSH UMK3 Tourney. There is no MvS game.

:lol: :lol: THAT IS THE FUNNIEST THING EVER!!! Dude, it’s great enough that you are gonna host us but $2000?! Holy shit dude!!! I have never seen that much dough for one game before. You’ve got to be a millionaire or something. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

to start playing again for 2g or not. when is the actual date for this thing.

actully there is a MvS (marvel super heros vs street fighter) any how yeah i am going to edit out the other games i think this is going to cost way to much money besides i know there isnt going to be any mvc mvs msh or umk3 players but xvs is for sure going down. the the date that the tournament is going ot start is may 20th to ma 22 so its a total of two days. the address is still being a toss up between my house and this local store so just keep an eye out for my next post

seriously now shouldnt the 2 grand prize on each game be enough for u to go down there
im sure he is willing to help u out with housing but to ask them man to cover 3 plane tickets is just a fucking insult
u know u see 2g for each game and just asume he has money which from the looks of that i would also asume cause its not like i could actually know that or anything
anyway dont take advantage of the guy and insult him by asking if he can cover your tickets u live in cali and it isnt that far
its almost 700 just for me by myself roundtrip and that booking it like 4 months in advance
look all im saying is if u want to come then come but dont ask people u do not know to pay for u to get there

Hey bro, my crew and I have already talked to him and he said it was cool. I’m not going to post the details because I don’t see why I should. If someone offers and we don’t ask then I think that should be fine. This tourny is gonna be off the chain!!! Hopefully this is the first WORLD XvSF tourny. Now we can see who really is the best (hopefully). Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

P.S.: Yeah, I was thinking about the games you listed in the shower today and totally forgot about MSH: WOTG. I haven’t played that game in a long time. Also, I know about MvS but I’m used to seeing it spelled like MSHvSF. Sorry about that. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

lol anyway i already know all the details
i did before i posted

please keep intuch with the first post made here so that you can be updated with players who will or wil not be coming

I would love to come, looks like its going to be a great tourny.


I’m still not clear on what system the games will be on. Mame? X-Box? I know it ain’t going to be in arcade since you mentioned mapped buttons, and playing in your house.

This tournament will be crazy.

You better go fool. You should take DSP with you.


Yo Vic!!! He said the tourny is going to be at someones house and that he has a selection of like 10 sticks to choose from. you can still bring yours if you want though. Also, it actually doesn’t matter what system it is on because like when you play it on Xbox it’s just a port of the emulator, such as MAME, to the Xbox. Most likely it will be on MAME or one of it’s counter-parts and will hopefully be v2. I’m probably going to make a stick for this tourny and practice to get good. You should talk to Danny and set some dates so we all can practice for this. We never play anymore because stupid FFA has broken sticks now. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

P.S.: Toxy, I love your quote!!! Movie was fuckin’ hilarious!!!

ummm??? when is memorial day weekend?? if its the same weekend ill most likely be at ECC.