Lets get it started. anyone know where an xvsf cabinet is in vegas? i know there was a lot of hate the last couple of years about this topic. that is not what this thread is about. just positive replys please. if your against it FU and dont bother posting casue it will be ignored.

This is a great idea. XvSF in Vegas. Doesn’t get better than that.


Trust you two to post in this thread :clap:

Anywayz I also think its a great idea though many people here won’t.

Oh yea XvSF in Vegas. Sure then you get randumb guy #2 playing double Sabertooth and me having to step in between DogFace and #2 beacuse Dog kicked his ass with Cammy. Ah the good ol days.

If I go, ill bring my modded xbox with XvSF. You gotta bring yo stick tho. Where we gonna play it at? hotel or what. I definately aint trynna get jacked. Also, Dogface man we gotta meet up somewhere and play. the last time i play XvSF was when we played. and that was only like 3 matches.

Hmmmmm XvsSF cabinet… hmmmm…

I think Circus Circus has a XvsSF. I also think New York-New York also has one. I’d say this one XvsSF at a Dairy Queen, but that cabinet has been mutilated all beyond belief.

I think Excalibur has one? The question is, how good are the sticks on those machines? crapola I bet. LOL dairy queen

if this does get big, no infinites allowed

XSF without infinites is MSF: boring as SHIT.

i dont know about no infinites. come on. that means no one would shot up. just dont let your self get infinited if you dont like being infinited. im not gonna say infinite again. could someone check on which sticks are best. and make sure the buttons actually work. ill pay you back the quarters when i get there. sounds like a total of 3 dollars. ill also be accepting money matches. who wants some. deadly magneto, i dont know if anyone has an x box stick. if you have converters that would be great.

Well im going to evo and i wounder if the PS version is any good u know for 1 on 1 matches? Please don’t hate me i know im an idiot and i just want to know

i doubt ppl will play on the ps versions. and yes i have converters.

What type of sticks do you guys use. I dont mind if some ppl wanna play money matches with me. I have a feelin someone is gonna bring cyclops.

Im not good at all in that game but for the heck of it im in and i have a custom professional joystick that i just bought recently from www.videogamecentral.com with convex buttons it is really sweet

ill play with infinites i dont mind, but it does get VERY BORING AND ANNOYING when soemone gets first attack, infinite for 60 hits and die, then throw and again.

i think its more fun w/o but i dont mind.

so the stick you talkin about is a mas right? Yo MMDS, money matches? Your Mag/storm vs my Storm/mag?

who wants a money match against my rogue/cyc? i wouldnt mind playing some of these internet players. straight up old school arcade xvsf player here. who wants some. who all in the dark addictz is going. i want money matches with them.

ya sure, if its arcade cab + working sticks. not like family fun sticks

ill money match players as i see them

Unfortunately the chances that Pat will play any games at evo are slim to none to negative zero.

Scratch that, he’s gonna get sucked out by a 3s5s and he’s gonna need to win money matches to get back to the tables.


Damm i will just give money away, it will be easy for u guys to take it to beat me but hey! but for the fuk of it im in, how much each game? Oh and if u guys have any suggestions check out my thread for the B.Y.O.C please post
http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?t=89378 :tup:

why cant we hab this game at EVO?? very good game. lots of infinite. enjoyable at any rate.