XvSF EVO 2006 is coming!

This year I will have ths setup for singles going on.

Details coming soon.


if its modded xboxes like the last thread, you will be banned from the event.

Kicking dog-face out does not change the fact that he and I were meant to be together. My heart will go on.

im not from the event unless you show up with a modded xbox.

Tough break. That’s all I gotta say.

Then…what are they playing GG Slash on?

Probably donated Japanese PS2s with authentic JPN copies of the game.

Oh Mr. Wizard, why do you hate me so? Anyway, I will be doing XSF on Supergun.


Mr.Killian, don’t tease me. A certain Derek Daniels says you are very taken.


Nvrmind forget I said anything, I’m whining when i shouldn’t be.

Btw, I don’t have multiple handles, I’m on my brothers computer and his account was logged in.

I like imported games.

vic u sir are the man.

I’ll play so that I can own Pat for free and get owned by Vic for free


That is correct, except for the “donated” part. We bought that stuff, because we <3 ggxx players.

When we count on donations, here’s how it goes:

We get about 45 people that say they are down to donate.
We get about 1 person that actually comes through and does donate.
We get about 4 people that then try and steal the donated item.

I am not trying to call anyone out, nor do I want to hear any of your stories about how you REALLY DID want to donate but then couldn’t because your cousin crashed your mom’s car which is somehow important. I’m just saying that relying on community donations like this is an excellent way of not having the event actually happen.

PS- dog-face, Derek is not the boss of me, and I am too much man not to share. Also just get a big sticker taht says “Leeegitumit original XBOX for ReaL.” No one can step to that.


Yeah…that’s a good idea. Then we can play all the OG OFFICIAMAL emu games we want with no restrictions! Ooh…in your face strict ass Evo restrictions…yeah.

Vic and I will be both bringing them on Superguns. He will have his setup going on for the tournament we are throwing along with the rest of the days I think. I will be having XvSF for the tournament and also maybe more later. I have many boards and want to do tournaments for all of them including SFA3, MSH, SSF2T, and VS. I might throw console tournies as well. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

P.S.: Vic, have you decided if you want to do a team tourney or not?


Will 1 of you guys bring it for evo west?


Sorry bro, but me and Hellfromabove will only be cruising by EVO West due to work. I’ll be around a bit for the tournament, but just chilling and chatting.

I’m excited to have another XSF player in Socal. PM me your number, and you can come play with us sometime.


Yeah, sorry Ali. You can kick it with Ricky or Me Julie rather than play XvSF cause that’s betta right? Anyway, stop by FFA sometime and we’ll play. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

P.S.: I’m down on your opposition to give Lezs video cameras :lovin: .

who is all going to the evo xvs tournament?

Me of course! You still coming down or what? Only 1 month left you know, hope you have your papers by then.