XvSF Money Matche$

Lots of expert players will be in attendance. Time for scores to be settled.

FF has XvSF on linked cab. CalPoly Gameroom should have it too.

Post it here. Make it official!


:evil: ok

anybody 2/3 10 dollars if i go. i want flashmetroid to accept this shit personally so he can stop talking shit about a game he doesnt know about.


Dope dood, sounds legit.

We can grab some games at FF if you make it. Casual ones or for cash, whatever.

Not sure if you’re gonna head down though huh?

By the way, if money’s on the line, you wanna play infinites?


Yo Vic!!! What’s goin on?! Megaman and I will be there again this year. I guess I’ll see you there and we’ll play again. I never see you at FF anymore? What happened? Also how’s life been goin? You ever get any acting spots or modeling jobs? I guess I’ll see you at EVO. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!


Let me know dood, so we can play. Money or for fun, whatever.


Tushar! What’s up man!!?? Yeah, I was MIA for a while at FF but now I’ve been going like twice a week. Trying to get back in shape. You know! Acting and stuff has been kinda slow but it’s cool. How you been?


AiRiC I hope you play DogFace. He will give you the beating of your life on XvSF.

Ill play you 100 a game play till 21 games. And if I win I want to trade it in for DogFace BJ bucks. And if you win Ill just take it off your account.


sounds good dood. i dont give a shit about infins. i dont use them so it dont matter. if i do use them it just goes quicker for me. its up to you. on or off ill play for money.

im rusty as shit though. i need to find a place where i can practice. the only place in the area that had the game closed about a year ago. and havent touched the game since. i just bought a pad for the pc so i can practice a little.

play for $1 a match 10 games.

u know whats up vic, no infinites for life! no scrub style. i wanna play ur cammy wolv vs my mag cyk

edit: please go to ff more often, i havent seen u in a while. ill be there tommorow night (tuesday) alll night till 3am. ill be waitng.


What’s up dood?! I just got back from FF as a matter of fact. Been popping up like twice a week. But we never seem to bump into each other.:confused:

Dood, at EVO let’s get down on some Dollar money matches. That is, unless you own me Tuesday night, in which I will retract my challenge and flee to the woods.

Cyk huh? Took Storm off the roster? Dope Danny. I’ll try and make it Tuesday.


vic i challenge u to xmen vs street fighter for a million dollars.

u can only use jab and short, and i get to choose your characters

storm is back up if u get perfects on me.

Is anyone gonna be recording and hosting vids of the xvsf money matches?

Megaman and I will be recording them. We’ll try to get a good amount of matches as well. We don’t have a place to host them but you can contact Megaman and he will send them to you via AIM. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

Man, this will probably be the only reason for me to goto Evo , but aint going. Do you think you guys will play this after evo?

Well actually, this is one of the most played games at Evo. If anyone was there last year you’d remember that the line for this game was about 20 people as well. Also the Candy Claw machine was packed as well with Marvel related lingo being thrown out. We video taped that shit, hardcore. Hopefully it’ll get packed again this year. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

hope you guys do record some matches, i’d like to see some. xsf still lives on.

No problem man, we will. Vic I need to play you sometime before Evo. When the hell is the next time you’re gonna go to FF? How about your Cammy/ XX vs. my Mag/ Storm. You know my Storm :smiley: the one with the corner faint combo. Still I am really rusty and should get some play time down if I am gonna play you or anyone at Evo. Also I think we should do Team Money matches at Evo. Everything is better when there’s more than one like 2 hot lesbians. So yeah just tell me when you’re goin next and I’ll try to meet you there unless Megaman wont give me a ride cause he’s being a bitch :mad: . Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

Damn man 2 bad u didnt have a ride to ffa 2day (sunday). I was hittin them up 2 day. See if u can get a ride before evo man. At least we can try to get some Guilty Gear going.

ya tshar, i called u but u didnt answer, ur fone was off. vic was there and a couple other people. dont try callin my cell, my bro has it.

sabertooth sux