XvSF Money Matches - Team BEAST

Me and MegamanDS will be doing two-on-two XvSF money matches at EVO if there’s an XvSF board.

If anyone’s interested, just post up. We don’t care if you want to do infinites, just let us know prior to the match so we can reciprocate.

See you in Vegas.


I know umthrfkr wants it with that, Pat train me so we can team up and go all in…

team beast!!

we should have a combo exibition money match also, best combo wins!

im bringing my laptop + emulator of version two + usb adapters for PS2 sticks. we’re good. and ill take any challengers in XSF, because thats my fucking game.

MMDS, count me in on those money matches. Also, Vic, did you friend say he was gonna bring the XvSF on Super Gun? Guess I better start practicing some XvSF. Team Beast!!! Thanx.

-See Ya!!!


Oh man, Pat’s my boy. Tell him I said what’s up.


Yo dood, for sure. My homie Neil (Cigarbob) met you a while back. Said you hotness on XvSF. It’ll be tight.

Actualy what I said was " He is a shit talker and his XvSF game is weak compared to AZ standards. And if I had been up to par he would have eaten my asshole 100 times" If you want to get picky. All though DSP was hella cool to hang out with that is what I said at the time.

FYI I will be bringing my new 2 player podium supergun, PS2, SNES controller to EVO and I will facilitate XvSF money matches all day long. I will not play in them but I will financialy back Dogface agianst any one(Not from AZ)! For up to $20 per set first to 7 wins.

Yall are going to get rocked!

vic: we are on team right? i know you arent betraying me right? lol

Where are the pics and the hardware forum post???!!?

Cigarbob, I hear from Vic that you’re the king of this game. Can’t wait to get my ass handed to me. Also, I think Vic introduced me to you last year. Not sure if that was you or not though. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!


Actually, Cigarbob is master of making controllers. It is SaBr3 who I revere as king of XvSF. His Nash/Wolv are a tale of legend.

I start building it this weekend. I will start a thread Saturday night or Sunday to follow the process from start to finish.

Plus with the SNES hooked to this as well I will be playing Weapon Lord and Killer Instinct.

Good times to come.

Greatest idea ever

please put vids of this shit up on here!!


at MWC 2k2 there was all this talk of all these amazing XSF players, and when I went I got second place using Sabretooth/Juggs through the entire tournament. Give me a break. It took the top-tier abusing David Lee to beat me with Cyke infinite all day, and he could only get it off of random Magneto throws. I could have easily won by running away with Storm all day but instead I took him to the last game of the last set with a challenging team and the tournament kicked ass for the crowd watching.

Bottom line is I’m not afraid of anybody in this game, and if you’re going to start backing people for $50 a pop you’re going to start losing your money at a pretty rapid pace. BET IT.

Hopefully the hotel or something has a computer we can use so we can post what room the money matches and shit are gonna be in. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

i play no infinites, ill be glad to MM anyone for $1-5, im not a big baller, wanna stay low on losing money.

i dont play this as serious as u guys. i dont mind joinin in on this. do u have to have a partner?


Man, I respect you getting second at MWC. That’s a big deal. I’ve played David and he’s hella good so for you to go to the last match of the last set, espescially with you big char team, when he’s doing infinites is a huge accomplishment. I think Sabre gets a huge reward for random throws, and Juggernaut can just kick back and wait till something misses, and do super. So I think we all know this game is super random.

But that’s part of the fun. Game is so exciting and can go any way. We can just get down on some low money matches, like 3-5 bucks or whatever. If nothing else, we can do first to 5, loser buys winner a beer at Green Valley Ranch bar.

Let me know what you’re thinking bro. And I think your OG vs New School ST thread is genius.


ill take on any two by myself. 10-20 dollars 1-2 2-3 or whatever. ill even let you know who i will be picking. rogue/cyc. and its not anyones game when im around.


My man, you know how to spice shit up! Yeah man, let’s get down at EVO for sure.

And I love Rogue hotness. Too good. You gonna hit up MWC? The XvSF crown is calling. . .