XvSF Ranbat 2 ***3/18/06***

Forever shall this turney be known as Bush/Gore, where victory was debatable, and the winner was unclear.

1st - Handsome Vic (Wolv/Cammy/Ryu) + 10 pts
2nd - MegamanDan (Mag/Storm/Cyke/Chun) + 5pts
3rd - Thomas aka AsianPulse (Mag/Chun) + 3 pts


The attack of James Games, as undisputed 3rd in US player Thomas showed up, along with James Games secret weapon Muscle Mike.

Rich vs Muscle Mike in losers, where the score is 1/1 and Rich does runaway Storm for 30 seconds for the win. You can hear Mike’s anger swell on the other side of the linked cab, and I heard when he lost that he punched some random kid.

Vic puts Megaman in losers, and the yells, “Your the Juggernaut’s BITCH!” Noone laughs, not even Vic’s girlfriend, who leaves at the end of the night with MegamanDan.

MegamanDan fights out of losers to play Vic, and must win two sets of 2/3. Megaman wins the first set 2/1. They start the second set. Megaman wins the first game. Vic asks to change sides since the roundhouse button is iffy. Megaman declares that he will, “Start the score at 0/0, and not count the win he just got.” Vic trades sides and beats Dan 2/1.

Did Vic really beat Megaman? Had Megaman not forfeited that one game, wouldn’t he have won those 10 Ranbat points? Was he drunk off potent Armenian wine?

Anyway, Vic won. It was a hollow victory. Afterwards at Denny’s, some random hot chick said bye to him and wiggled her tongue at him through the window.


Ranbat Score:
Vic/Megaman (tie) - 15 points
Rich/Thomas (tie) - 3 points

to clarify why i did that to people wondering is because he played on the iffy side 1 whole set. so i decided to start it at 0 so its fair and i play on that side for 1 whole set.

oh wolverfiend, why do u have to stay out of the corner when u play? jerk.

YEAAAAAYUH go Vic! Unleash the beast!

Damn Vic, you are a dreamboat. Where can I get some of that handsome cream?

Also make me your xvsf protege. I’ll be like Darth Maul, but you know, without the getting chopped in half.

Hmm, again no1 tells me of this. I see now it says tourney the 25th , but i doubt anyone want me to come.

go THOMAS!!!

R2J got 4 points :wgrin: 3+1 = 4 Yay!! haha

I gotta step it up a notch next week. arghhhh
Higherrrrrrrr boyy. higherrrrrr!!! -Finesse

these tournies arent planned in advanced. we just do it if there is a line of 3 or more.

thomas…the god of rush…

also whats with all this best in the world stuff?

oh, thats because vic is THE BEST IN THE WORLD

team beast classics! Best in the world!!! vic is insane!!! MMDS is just beyond the question. GODLY!!

best in the world cause u say? or best in the world cause they played everyone in the world who plays xvsf and beat all of them.

You’re the mother fucking juggernaut bbbbbiiiiiiiiitttch.

Yo Pig,

Of course we want you to roll down to the turney. It’s nothing personal about no invite, it’s just hella impromptu. You should come down Sat night for the turney.

And the “Best in the World” is just for hype. The best in the world lives in Australia.


…dammit, I missed it again. And wow, they’re weekly even?
I swear I’ll remember to come next week.

How many Random Select tries do I get? :^)
Mike Z

dont let vic fool you folks, by australia he means the wolf gang pucks restaurant he works at.

side bets anyone?

reset takin the free money, side bet on me when i play vic! ill pick 2 storms and whore it out.

haa haa haa haa, lightning attack, haa haa haa