XvSF Ranbat 5 - Last one for Spring!

This is it! The fifth and final XvSF Ranbat at FFA!

This Saturday April 29th, starting at approximately 11 pm. 2 dollar entry fee, winner take all.

2/3 double elimination.

The top two overall finishers get passes to XMen 3: Last Stand.

** Past Highlights:**

>The Prince of Perfect David Lee reemerges from the Underground to trounce MegamanDS!

>MegamanDS wins two of the last 4 Ranbats!

>James Games players Mike Chaos and Thomas AsianPulse face off against FFA hardcores RichRjay and Stevernaut!

In a few weeks, Ranbats will resume for Summer Season.

Be there!



this is it

vic has 30 ponts
megamands has 25
david lee has 5

no points from jamesgames tourney!? i got perfected and sent to losers by aka ‘buff + arcade mike’, GG:sweat:

You know David, that’s a great point.

Who was your top 3?

Mike Chaos

Okay, let’s give you some points!

DavidL + 10 (total is now 15)
Thomas + 5 (total is now 8)
Mike Chaos + 3 (total is now 3)

Dogface 30
MegamanDS 28
DavidL 15
Thomas 8
Mike Chaos/Rich(tie) 3

Hope you can make it. If not, we will resume XvSf Ranbats in summer.