**XvSF Round Robin - Team Beast Invite Only!**

So at an undisclosed location, a handful of Team Beast gathered to have a practice session which blossomed into a 6 Man Round Robin!!

The entrants included Handsome Dogface, The Richh!, MegamanDS, Jared “Wildcard” Romero, Hellfromabove and 100% Juggernaut.

** Results:**
1st - 100% Juggernaut with 8 points
2nd - Handsome Vic with 6 points
3rd - The Richh!! with 5 points (Rich gets third since he beat Wildcard in RR)
4th - Wildcard with 5 points
5th - TunacanDan with 4 points
6th - Hellfromabovee with 0 points (He had to go to Walmart)


In qualifiers, 100% Juggs beat Vic 2-0. Then in finals, he beat Vic another 2-0. Juggs was sush a champ that he then ate the casserole in the fridge, had sex with Vic’s girlfriend, and renamed Vic’s cat from Coconut to Coco-naut.

Jared “Wildcard” Romero used team Toxy (Charlie/Wolv) to bewilder opponents. He beat everyone at least one game, except for Vic.

Vic beats MMDS and The Rich!! 2-0, to sneak into the finals. MMDS calls Vic “gay” which Vic’s sister overhears. MMDS is politley asked to leave.

XSF Legend Spider-Dan showed up but was turned away since he wasn’t on the guest list.

To save quarters, the Round Robin was played on Saturn with a Cigarbob stick.

Vids coming soon!!

And remember, XSF Ranbat Summer Season starts this Saturday night!!!


hahaha good GAME juggernuts for the win @_@ thanks for having me over vix louds of fun

Very funny shit :D, btw good job winning with jugg, jugg100% :slight_smile:

now why you wanna go and do that!? uh huh!!!

Summer Ranbat! Ah shit! Special invite only? Need to practice up just in case I get a special invite… cuz I’m not that great yet, lol.

representing last place was my mag storm!

emag doog!

thanks toxy all thanks to those lucky throws into head crush lmao

mostly thanks to the one who taught me R2J and Magnuscrub and some tough matchs against Vix hope i do well in the tourny coming up 110% juggernaut for the win

hey, tushar is selling his stick. i told him you want to buy it.

HFA, if you read this, steve wants your stick.

first time i read this, i was like… steve wants your dick!? hahaha


Friday yall. Round robin’s #2 at the vix palace!
and we’re off to see xmen 3 for tips.

Also remember Ranbats Season#2 on saturday.

-The RicHhh!

wow danny good fucking game your so done … i dont want to buy a used stick >_<

I’ll build you a bridge to get over yourself!!! HAHAHA

Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me!

N E X T !!!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: vic u sir are the greatest.

yo this is spider dan signed on to my old buddy garrett’s account who i used to play with at fairfield and i just want to tell you vic that you will feel the full heat of my wraith i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you i hate you forever

your not friend anymore

spider dan

Yes, that was really me signing on to my friend “garrett’s” account. Who I totally know and have heard of.

Feel the heat of my wraith.


I am probably one of the last few remaining XSF players who recognizes your status. You’re like the Duc of XSF.

But all these new guys, the MvC2 crowd, think you’re a joke.

Any chance you’ll be at EVO to prove them wrong?


Well, I’m not going to EVO. I haven’t traveled to a tournament outside of the city I live in for over 3 years.

But as far as I’m concerned, I don’t have anything to prove. I was available to play anyone who wanted to play for the first seven years XSF was out. Anyone who thinks I’m a joke pretty much stamps the label of “I only started playing after everyone else quit” on their forehead.

You live in Norcal right?

If I come up there after EVO, would you play me first to ten for fifty dollars?

spider dan is the best in xvsf in the US. him and arturo. yeah you werent the only one available for the past 9 years in xvsf. but peeps do say you are legit in the game so i have to give u the benefit of the doubt. esp if vic says so. and vic aint no joke. im not in the mvc2 crowd but i would like to see u show up and prove them wrong. another high level xvsf player would be awesome.

(Arturo Posting)

huh? when did i ever say I was the best in the US for xsf? i havent played for a tournament for that in years, but if the opportunity comes I’ll throw down.

I claimed to be one of the best in the USA for marvel 1.