XvSF: strats tactics

well title says all…

what are some good mid screen AC’s for cyke (when not near enough to the corner to do infinite?)

His midscreen infinite:

low short-> [stand strong-> strong gene splice(2 hits only don’t mash) ] x n

After the stand strong, cancel into the strong gene splice very late. Cyclops will uppercut the opponent then blast them with a vertical optic bullet, after the bullet hold towards then hit standing strong as they’re falling and cancel late into another strong gene splice.

This works against most medium weight characters. For the heavier characters like Zangief and Juggernaut, use a fierce gene splice instead.
So basically if you’re cornered and you land a standing strong, repeat the sequence about 5 times to take them near the corner so you can launch them and go into his aircombo infinite.

Some aircombos.

stand strong/\sj.jab,sj.short,sj.strong->sj.short-> dj.jab,dj.short,dj.strong,dj.fierce,dj.roundhouse

stand strong/\sj.jab,sj.short,sj.strong->sj.short->dj.jab,dj.strong->>dj.jab,dj.strong,dj.fierce,dj.roundhouse.

stand strong/\sj.jab,sj,short,sj.short,sj.forwardXXsuper optic blast-> dj.jab,dj.strong,dj.forwardXXsuper optic blast.

stand strong/\sj.super optic blast-> dj.full magic series.

just do the regular combo and when you get to the forward buffer that into the super. or if you can do the combo slower and try and get them into the corner for the infinite. and why would you want to infinite anyways. just makes the game no fun. scrub.

cause the best tactic in the game is to throw in corner->infinte…


Infinintes are so cheap though :stuck_out_tongue: I mean, seriously, what’s the fun of playing a game if all you do his hit em up and do a repeated cycle for a minute or so until they die? That just takes any fun out of a fight. I usually say about fighting games, “If you can do it, then it isn’t cheating.” But infinites really prove this wrong. Capcom even made a third version of XMvSF to try and get rid of all the infinites from the game. They only got rid of a few though. Based on that, I’d say it’s obvious that Capcom didn’t intend for infinites to be in the game. I just don’t use them. They can’t get rid of ALL of them, there are just too many to get rid of without potentially eliminating all of a character’s fighting edge.

umthrfckr: This is XvSF. What do you want? :slight_smile: This a strategy thread, and the best strategy is probably the one where you can kill your opponent. Maybe you want to mess around with your buddies and have a bit of fun, that’s fine… But you can’t bag one people who play to win.

Besides, it’s the “let’s try infinites” game. Personally, I just play it to try crazy combos and go for that hard-totally-impractical infinites and stuff… (I can’t play it seriously, i’d get waaay too frustrated) But If you want to play a game where you don’t die to some repeated string over and over when they land a hit or throw you, you really are playing the wrong game. This is XvSF! :slight_smile: