XvSF tourney at evo next year?


Could it be possible next year? I know it’s an old game, but still very competitive, but whatever…


It’s certainly more balanced than MvC2, but some people dont like it because you cant do as much (assist, etc).
Just my dime here.


I don’t think they will hold a tourney for it. That game is broken.


You can do more with Magneto/Storm in XvSF than in MvC2. The game isn’t “broken”, I hate when people say that.


X vs SF is my favorite crossover with air combos. But the relatively easy to execute unlimited combos make the game broken.


If any game is “broken” it’s MvC2. It has more glitches than times Gary Coleman has said “What you talkin` bout Willis” The only really really easy infs to do are the gambit kinetic card inf and the storm up+hp inf


Um…Here are easy infinite strings after the setup (copy pasting so I dont have to type):

Shotokans = Akuma, Ryu, and Ken)

J.Short -> J.UP.Forward -> J.UP.Roundhouse (FS)


Hyper Grav, S.Roundhouse (ONE HIT) XX Hyper Grav, etc…


J.Fierce (FS)


J.Fierce -> J.Roundhouse (land and repeat)

J.Strong -> J.Fierce -> J. Roundhouse


The Air Combo Infinite
Restrictions: None.

C.Strong /\ BK.SJ.Jab -> BK.SJ.Forward XX
Air Kick Lariat (land and repeat)

I think you can even do just Jab into kick lariat over and over… and no need for forward but I gotta test it again…



DS.Short -> S.Roundhouse XX Jab Kinetic Card



J.Short -> J.Forward -> J.Roundhouse (FS)



J.Short -> J.Strong -> J.Fierce (FS), DJ.Short -> DJ.Strong ->
DJ.Fierce (FS)

The ones I mentioned are the easy ones. And that covers more than half the roster.


Most of those have timing issues though, and require actually setting them up. MvC2 has some pretty easy infs too, but that’s all you see. Inf into inf. MvC2 is broken. XvSF just makes it easier =P

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Play version 2. There ya go, case closed.


That’s true… or for those that actually play dhal tries…to…withhold…laughter play version 3 =P
That rids of lots of infs, and it would make everyone happy.


The following characters’ infinites still work in version 3 guys :slight_smile:


And that’s not including the fact that some of the characters from above that didnt make it to the version 3 list I just put, have ALTERNATE infinites that they can do although I would classify some of those under the harder to do ones. :slight_smile:


whats up t. i remember playin you on kaillera a while back. you got mad at me cause i didnt perfect you but came real close. i think you only got tick damage on me. but anyways if they do have xvsf at evo next year im definatly going no matter what. juts have cause its the first vs. game and it started it all. o and i dont use infins to win i just own without em. infins are only if i get infin’ed. fuckers.

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Lenticular Printing

All versions of XSF are broken. Throwing takes out insane damage (a lot of them connect to infinites without much effort), and the game has the standard dizzy (except for flying screen infinites, which can go on forever) which makes it even worse. The game is fun, but not something to be played in tournaments or taken seriously.

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i love xmvsf i think its a great fun game , better then mvc2 :]

im on mame 0.64 playing all the time


For one thing, there is no game more broken than MvC2. MvC2 is taken seriously, and played at tournaments. If people can tolerate MvC2’s brokenness and play in tournaments with it, then XSF can be too. Simply comming out and saying “It’s broken” doesnt mean anything. It takes ALOT of skill to keep up with someone who is decent in the game… I think if there was a XSF tournament, there would be more people, definatly. Plus, I’d rather play XSF over ST any day :slight_smile:


BTW we had a XvsSF tourney at Family Fun 2 months ago. I can sum up the whole tourney as:

Throw into infinite, super into infinite, sitting short into infinite, x into infinite, etc… lol

The winner played Magneto/Storm.

For the record:

  • I think XvsSF is the most fun VS game, alas also the most broken (more than mvc2)

  • I rather play ST :slight_smile:



xmvssf is broken. magneto’s corner infinite is ez imo. corner the guy, and he dies. you can just lose to a guy who just knows that infinite.


Hey why dont u guys just play like me and ‘umthrfkr’ and not use infinites at all. I personally play with bison and to my knowledge he only has an infinite against rogue. I also use chun, cyc, and storm VERY effectivly with NO infinites. I shun infinites. If somebody has to use an infinite to beat you, then both players really know who is better or lse they wouldnt have to resort to it.
I ran a tourney a couple a months back and won it with bison and storm without a single infinite. You dont need them to win.


No infinites would make it boring, no one wants to see a ChunLi used in every match.


:cool: :cool: :cool: well said.