XvsSF mag infs

can someone tell me all the different infinites for magneto in xvssf?

no, there is an x.vs tread im sure its in there

its not i checked and its 200 something pages im not bout to search everyone.and if u not gonna help just dont reply damn.

Hate to be the one to throw forum rules at you ; ;



rule # 1. No more threads posting up help for one character in whatever game no exceptions

I dont know anything about your game, so I cant help you. I hope you find the information that your seeking.


He’s got the ROM and slide infs, practically the same way they’re done in Marvel (course, with mids and 3p here instead of 2p for dashing). There’s the s.hk to grav infinite too and I’m sure there are others. Yeah, I think it would’ve been better to ask in the XSF thread. The Canucks take it seriously.


i was going to show you the wealth of information that exists on youtube, but it turns out that it’s a lot of work to copy and paste and search links, and entirely something you’re capable of.

so uh youtube -> shiro420 + magneto + joker + xvsf

some combination of that coupled with the related links will show you more than you need to get started.