XvsSF OTG basics


REQ: XvsSF OTG basics

Can someone help me with XvsSF OTG basics? I primarily use Shoto’s, Cyclops, Wolverine, Dhalsim.
I want OTG into launch for air combos!
Im very new to the OTG stuff, so give me a place to start with those characters and I will practice them. When ive got those down, i will come back for more. Thank you for your help.

Also, ive heard that there are 3 different versions of this game. How do i find out which version the arcade machine i play has?


otgs arent always reliable…

the most basic of otg’s are throw into corner, dash in, otg, launch

as for arcade version, I wouldnt worry about it.
just play the US or euro version


All you need to know is that they’re practically useless apart from baiting a roll into whatever. Concentrate on non rollable combos for Infinite: The Game (not mine, I just thought it was funny when I heard it :smiley: )


otg’s are not worthless. if you do a meaty otg, you cant roll it. and the ones that are rollable, if they start escaping em, then its bait for next time they try to roll, for a nice reset. otg’s are FAR from useless


Well, if you can’t away roll from it… it’s not really an OTG is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Bah… I’m just being a bitch.

Anyways, I dunno anything about XvSF… Can you punish a roll? It always seemed like a reversal-type wakeup to me. I dunno.

EDIT: Whoops, I’m not addressing the question at all…

If they fall into the air after being hit (usually by a special), and they land on their back… you can OTG. Any move you have that sends them landing onto their back will give you an OTG opportunity (if you can get close enough and hit them with a low

If you can do this against your opponents… Tell them to start rolling. I mean, WTF else are they gonna do… besides eat the OTG combo, if you’re gonna do it.

Don’t keep secrets… :confused:


uh yes its still an otg, there are lots of unescapable otg’s. plenty of em


Can you elaborate for the unenlightened among us?


Hey Sabre, are you referring to unrollable OTGs caused by super flying screen?


James Chen gives the most elaborate explanation of OTG in his XvsSF combo faq:

edit: gamefaqs won’t let me link the faq directly, but scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for “combo faq” by JChen.



That guide is antiquated to say the least. I mean no offense to James Chen since that guide was really helpful when the game came out, but I couldn’t find any mention of what I’m looking for.

My reason for saying otg combos suck (barring flying screen combos and Fagneto-esque pseudo OTG’s) was that rolling is so ridiculously easy. I mean it doesn’t even have to be a reversal, you can do it before your back hits the ground. Maybe there is such a thing as meaty otgs but I can’t think of any off the top of my head. Something like sweep into qcb kk with Charlie “looks” like it’s meaty but I’m damn sure you can roll it.

I’m guessing you meant something else Sabre so please tell.


theres rolling, and theres juggling.

juggling is hitting the guy before they touch the ground. THAT is unescapable.

otging is when they hit the ground, and you hit them->launcher…

just go for the juggle!!!

and can someone elaborate on the FS inescabable otg for me :smiley:


What I was talking about, and was hoping that Sabre was going to elaborate on, was that some supers cause flying screen, and are unrollable, ie. Wolverine’s Berserker Barrage X super.

This is an instance where OTGs are useful, since the only time you can follow up this super is in the corner, which sets up his infinite quite nicely.