XvsSF-Strats and Tactics

I just started playing Xmen vs SF and decided to start a thread on different tactics and things in the game. Id like people to post set ups for infinites, there strategies against run away storm/rush down/etc, what characters they use and different strats for them, things like that. Ill start the thread of with a couple questions.

Are there gaurdbreaks?
Top tier?

Yes there are Guard breaks.
Top tiers are people which can do infinite easily… that make it everyone.:lol:

Well better info is from this thread a while back ago.

fuq tactics…throw-> combo, infinite, or super…75%:lol: :lol:

This game is sooo broke but still fun nonetheless:D MvC2 is betta tho:p

Can any of you explain the Magneto hyper grav infinite?

Okay first you must have a med~light character to play against. Just do high kick(their are two hits with this move) right after the first kick you cancel into a hyper grab. After that it’s the same routine. With bigger people I think their is a lag between when you do your next high kick, once you’ve done the hyper grab you wait a second then do the high kick.

Enjoy your game now. And don’t be to cheap.:wink:

Yup, this game is good because no matter how good you are you are bound to lose to someone sometimes.
Grab~>infinites are too good.:smiley: